Saturday, 30 October 2010

One for the Girls - Ralph Lauren polo shirt giveaway

Many thanks to all who entered this giveaway and apologies for the delay in announcing the winner, I have been crawling in and out of my sick bed this week.

CONGRATULATIONS TO :   @wendymcd83  - Picked at random by a pair of squabbling twins : )

More coming soon. Many thanks once again to all xxxx

Seems like an eternity since I last posted on my blog, half term nearly over and work almost caught up on, I thought it was about time for another giveaway ! 

This time its a gorgeous new with tags polo shirt for a little girl (approx age 5/6 yrs) from my own shop  .   Cherry red with large crown RL Logo on the chest, Ralph Lauren embossed buttons, diamond no 4 on the right arm, gorgeous blue stripe (tie material) detail on the button section, navy and white collar. These retail for about £40 in the UK !  As  I import direct from America and from trusted suppliers I am able to sell at great discounted prices.  This one retails for £18.99.  Stock sells really quickly from my website and I add new items every week. 

 If you love designer clothes at unbeatable prices for your children, make sure you sign up on my website to receive news of all my latest offers and new listings.

For more chances to win just :

Its that easy.  A winner will be selected at random on Friday 5th November.  Sorry but UK entrants only .

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oh no! Not the school photo

No 1 son came home from school last week with the dreaded school photographs. I say dreaded because he suffers from a condition called Enamel hyperplasia meaning he has a lack of Enamel on his teeth, and had to have 8 teeth removed several years ago. The resulting re-growth gave him gappy, discoloured teeth. He never smiles in photographs and as a result he hates his school pictures. We then have to endure tears and tantrums about how his teeth look and his life is ruined!

He has a rigorous dental routine and regular check ups but unlike braces which are offered for overcrowding of teeth on the national health, we were offered no support or solution unless we paid a vast amount of money, way beyond our means to get all his teeth capped ! We were even unable to get his teeth whitened until he is 18.

As a result although being a lovely looking lad (well I would say that wouldn’t I) He is hugely self conscious and will not smile with an open mouth. He covers his mouth all the time with his hand and bows his head when talking to people he has never met before.

With hindsight I wish I had taken out dental insurance along with our home and health insurance. We may then have been able to do something for him and the rest of the family, helping us with covering costs. Especially as it now appears one of the twins may have similar problems.  He has already suffered from teasing in the playground due to a black front tooth caused, the dentist says by a trauma to his mouth but again, which nothing can be done about. We are hoping that when he looses his milk teeth this one will grow back healthy.

In a society which is increasingly obsessed with looks, perhaps it’s a small price to pay?

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Monday, 18 October 2010

A few of my favourite things

As a child I don't remember having much that held any memories for me from my families past.  There were no heirlooms or favourite items passed down through the family.   I think probably, this is partly why I now surround myself with items that hold memories of places visited, special occasions or my children. 

Whilst on honeymoon we found a wonderful little shop crammed full of beautiful bespoke, whimsical and limited edition gorgeousness.  When I saw these prints I had to buy them, I felt as if the artist had made them just for me, particularly as we had left my young son at home with my parents whilst we went away and I missed him so much.

I wanted this print in particular to always remind me of my wonderful honeymoon but also of how much I loved and missed my son.  Entitled "Quiet Pride ", it sums up how I felt then and still do about my eldest son.

My husband choose this next print entitled " No more secret" and it has such special meaning for us.

I choose this one entitled  "Good Jumper" for my husband

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ugly Children's Clothing

With ranges called "Lice" "Milk" and  "Ugly"  The fabulously named  Ugly Children's Company  makes no apologies for being for boys ! Yay !  Saying that they have recently introduced a lice dress to the collection !

Fresh as Milk this gorgeous collection has a pattern that is an exact replica of a pattern used on norwegian milk cartons !

I love the Lice Marius Body available in a range of colours and based on  a classic Marius knitting pattern worn by norwegians since the 50´s.

The ugly collection is a range of limited edition bodies.  Be warned, there are some erm, "interesting" logo's.  Not for the faint hearted !  You have been warned.

Friday, 15 October 2010


When I came across Aarrekid I was immediately drawn to this lovely collection.  Comprising of  black and white with a spash of colour, the quirky "space Journey" pattern is designed by textile designer Miia Kajaani .    Based in Helsinki, I think this great brand will be one to watch when it hits UK.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Stand Out

I have some great one off outfits for sale at the moment.  I do the work so you don't have to

Ted Baker & bespoke pettiskirt & hat

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

Monday, 11 October 2010

He's rarely seen, but he came to visit from ToysRus

He's rarely been spotted, let alone filmed.  But he paid us a special visit from his favourite toy store - ToysRus.  I first became aware that we had a visitor in the house when I heard a rustle behind the curtain.....

He's a shy kinda guy and can make a quick exit

I spied him trying to hide in the twins toys cupboard

and snapped him catching up with his great mate Geoffrey Giraffe

He was feeling less shy and at home in the twins bedroom so we called them upstairs to say HI!

To say that we were thrilled when we saw Bigfoot in our latest box from ToysRus was an understatement! We would never consider or be able to afford to spend that amount of money on a single item for our children and although the price made us gasp, he is worth every single penny !  He's also on sale at the moment at ToysRus !!

Standing about 18 inches high and weighing approx 2 kilos he is a sturdy, solid toy, built for rough and tumble play. 
As you could see from the film, initially Milo was surprised by him and the noise he made, but once they got used to him the twins absolutely adored him.  He has big blue eyes, eyebrows that move and soft fluffy hair which really helps take off the hard edge .

With about 80 actions and sayings he is not one of those toys that has a few stock phrases that you soon get fed up of hearing.  He continually takes you by surprise with his random sayings that can be set off by touching him or by different sequences on the remote control.

The Twins LOVE his TRUMPING and he apologises afterwards too !

He counts, sleeps, tumbles, walks, laughs, roars, rolls his eyes, talks and more.

The remote control is big and really easy to hold and use, no need to be able to read. Large self explanatory buttons so little ones can quickly learn how to control him without tears and tantrums.

"The remote control has a toggle and six buttons. The toggle allows him to walk forward and backwards and the six buttons are happy, angry, sleep, fun, ball, and exercise. Press the happy button to hear him laugh, press the angry button to hear him roar and watch him pound his fists or raise his arms above his head. The sleep button makes him go to sleep and features fun sounds like snoring! Press the ball button and hear him say things like 'play' and watch him throw the ball! Big Foot also features three interaction buttons on his body: belly, mouth and hand."

We absolutely adore him and he has taken pride and place in the twins room.

Recommended for age 3 - 8 that's right on the button although as adults hubby and I had a ball with him too.

Priced at around £100 its a lot of money but then there is a lot to him and compartively we think he's excellent value for money.  Also he's on sale at the moment at ToysRus

Batteries AA batteries required for the controller and a rechargable battery pack is included.  Takes 4 hours to recharge and lasts in Bigfoot for about 2 hours at a time.  Which we found was plenty enough time for one session.



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