Monday, 7 February 2011

Dairylea, a celebrity chef and a fishcake man !

To say we were excited about a trip on a train to London was an understatement.  Hubby and I were not so thrilled at the prospect of getting out of our warm bed at 5 am though.  Its been a fair few years since I was last in London and the first time the twins have ever been on a train.  Courtesy of Dairylea, we were off to a cookery event with James Tanner Celebrity Chef !

Safely seated at 6.40 am and still dark outside we wizzed our way London bound. (yes Milo IS reading the safely instructions on what to do in an emergency) .

Arriving in London about an hour early and after another first for the twins, a trip on the London underground

we had some time to spare before the event began, so what better way to spend your time on Oxford street than with a trip to the biggest EVER Nike store I have seen in my life.  Hubby was really disappointed to find they didn't stock a Golf range. I was blown away by the massive chandelier made from skipping ropes, tennis balls and trainers! 

The twins are standing in front of a huge sign made out of trainers.

If I sound a little bewildered, I also felt a little silly taking these pictures with the security guards and obvious London residents looking on in amusement.  Us Devon folk ! Bless.

We met fellow twin mum Michelle from  Mummy from the Heart   outside the venue.  Once inside, it was a tight but cosy.  Its always lovely to meet other mums who you might know or chat to on twitter, there was Carol from New Mummy's tips    , Jobeaufoix , Mumrablog  and the iconic ! no really ! that is not over the top,  Sally Whittle  and her gorgeous daughter Flea.

Lynne from Dairylea shows us what really goes into making their products. Surprisingly little actually.  All the bad press they have received over the years has prompted them become more proactive on advising people that actually most of Dairylea products are free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  These include Dairylea spreads, slices or dunkers.  We were advised that Dairylea spread is 40% less salty than it was in 2001 and is currently less salty than Cheddar.

It was then the turn of Azmina the Dairylea Nutritionist to play a little game, Michelle's smashing son was a star at this game.  Interesting facts and top tips on how to help your children eat well.

James Tanner ( Ready, steady cook and Lorraine Kelly breakfast TV ) did a wonderful job of preparing five dishes whilst children, talked, played and cried around him.  Really lovely, simple dishes to encourage healthy eating in children.  Unfortunately we were unable to have the recipes for the dishes so I won't be posting any actual ones I have been able to make for you to try with your children.  I think I can just about remember what was in the fishcake recipe that we made on the day.  It was a great demo but probably a bit too adventurous with so many young children. 

We choose to make the fishcake recipe and decided to make our cakes into a man !

Afterwards it was off to the Rainforest cafe for Lunch ! Oh! the noise and the crowds ! London on a Saturday, I had forgotten what it was like.    Time to chat with the other mums and then off home after a very long but lovely day.

Many thanks to Carolanne, Lynne, Azmina & all the Dairylea team for this fab day out and special thanks to James for his Patience and smiley personality under fire !


  1. It was lovely to meet you too.

    Finally a face to the name. Now when we are slendertoning together i can imagine it far better!

    I'm trying not to cry over my link not working in the post *sob* i'll be brave.


  2. oh Sweetie , the link in my post ? I will check. So sorry if its broken .... runs off. Great to meet you and your gorgeous little girl too. Hope she has recovered from the trauma of the door and the Rainforest cafe xx

  3. Ah, sounds like a fab day! and look at you *cooking* ;D... I love dairylea too, reminds me of being a kid X

  4. I heard about this day out from Sarah at mumrablog. Looks like a great day out was had by all. Nice to see what you look like aswell :)

  5. Looks like a great day out. Glad the boys had fun x

  6. Hi i hope you don't mind but i have nominated you for a stylish blogger award

  7. Hi SJ , Wow! Thank you : ) xx I am honoured.

  8. Hi Mummy Mishaps and Susan it was a really nice day and have to say James was really Yummy, in fact I couldn't bring myself to ask for a photo with him as I was all flustered ! HAHAHAHA! XX

  9. Awwwww it was a lovely day and what an experience for the kids as well as us. And James was yummy wasn't he? What lovely bloke. The atmosphere was so relaxed it was brilliant. :D



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