Monday, 1 August 2011

School Shoes - Terra Plana Vivobarefoot kids - Update

Its not often I revisit an old post for an update, but I am so impressed by the Terra Plana Viobarefoot shoes we were sent for the twins, I had to give an update.

The twins scoot to school everyday and like many children I see, seem to think their shoes are an extension of the brake.  This takes its toll on their shoes.  When Jarvis wore his Viobare shoes for the first time, my immediate though was "these soft shoes won't last a week".  Take a look at the picture below.  Jarvis' shoes are still going strong.  Milo's on the other hand (which are not Terra Plana shoes) have about a week's wear left ! 

Lets face it, school shoes are vastly overpriced, but this brand has a serious amount of technology and research that has gone into making the shoes do exactly what they say they will.  They are worth every penny.

Jarvis' shoes on the left, Milo's on the right.  Picture taken before I cleaned them .

Please read the rest of the original post below.  I cannot recommend these shoes highly enough.

We were recently really lucky to be sent new shoes for the twins from Terra Plana Vivobarefoot  Not a brand I was familiar with although I don't know why.  Described as The original barefoot shoe, after seeing and feeling the twins Rooty style I think they might just take over from my current comfy shoes too !

Established in 2004 Vivobarefoot became pioneers of the barefoot movement (for runners)  by launching the first shoe with a patented ultra thin puncture resistant sole. This revolutionary footwear was created in collaboration with podiatrists and footwear specialists and has since evolved to include a children's range.  Read the Facts  Make sure you watch the video, its fab!

The twins shoes are stylish and look and feel ultra comfy.  They arrived boxed and packed in their own shoe bags (very Jimmy Choo) ! The boys couldn't wait to try them on and ran around the house in them shouting "I'm NEVER taking them off" !  They even wore them sock less, which as most mums to young children will know, shoes can be a constant source of " too tight" " too loose"  "they hurt" " etc etc.  Also available in half sizes which makes all the difference when buying shoes. 

Also available for girls, The Pally would be perfect for school, available in a selection of colours including black below.

They don't come cheap, but then considering all the technology and research that has gone into them I certainly think they are up there with the high street brands who make a small fortune off the back of "school shoes", make you wait for hours and hours in hot, crowded shops full of screaming babies and grumpy kids.  Retailing for £49 definitely makes them competitive and worth asking Grandma to pay those few extra pounds for ! 

Available to buy online unless you are lucky enough to live in London or Brighton.

I was not paid for this post and all views expressed are my own.  I did receive two pairs of shoes to review and keep .


  1. Honestly, I just bought Lucas his first pair of school shoes yesterday. Why didn't I wait to see this. x

  2. aww bless, his first shoes ! Must say (and not just saying it because they were free) !! They are really lovely, so soft and fab quality. xx



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