Monday, 25 July 2011

Keep it local - Supporting Independent Retailers

This month on my Supporting Independent Retailers post I thought it would be nice to feature some of the great local online stores I have discovered and become friends with during my two years on twitter.

First up a lady I have featured previously and who very kindly part sponsored me for Cybermummy this year.  Melanie who lives in Devon and owns the gorgeous luxury children's bedding and bath company  Babou  recently branching out to also include furniture, clothing, beachwear and much more for babies, boys and girls.  Pop over and take a look I am sure you will be smitten.

Harriet, Jewellery designer and owner of the beautiful Sea Sparkle online store was one of the first friends I made on twitter and who was also so generous with her time and advice in helping me get my own website set up.  Please pop over and take a look at the stunning fine silver and sea glass jewellery she creates in her studio in the West Country.

Are you one of these people who have boxes and boxes of your childrens first babygrows, socks etc sitting in the loft or stuffed under the bed ?  My next independent retailer has made a successful business turning your loved ones clothes into wonderful memory gifts.  The fabulous Ruth lives in Exmouth in Devon and owns Keepsake Critters  and lovingly makes all the critters by hand.  Do pop over and see how she could make a memory toy for you.

Don't forget if you are an Independent Retailer you can link up your online shop below.  In these tough times lets stick together and support each other. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Touch of Silver - Giveaway

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter this fab giveaway.

The winners are :



More Giveaways coming soon.  Winners will be notified via email or twitter.  Congratulations and Many thanks once again xx

*********************  GIVEAWAY NOW CLOSED *********************************

Meeting all the PR's at Cybermummy is major part of the event.  Although disappointed at the amount of baby focused companies I was thrilled (no seriously) thrilled when I saw a blast from the past in the guise of Touch of Silver.

 Many years ago whilst serving in the army, I decided to dye my hair from mousey brown to blonde.  It tended to look fab for the first few weeks but would gradually take on a washed out yellowy tinge.  On a visit to the army hairdresser I mentioned what a pain it was that this happened and she immediately suggested I try a twice weekly shampoo called "Touch of Silver" .    I dutifully purchased it and took it home to try it out.  The unbelievable thick purple/ blue shampoo initially took me  by surprise but I followed the instructions.  Within a couple of washes I was already seeing a difference to the tone of my hair.  With regular use I found the colour really did stay a lovely pale blonde, it even helped to pick up the varied tones in my hair.  I was often told how lucky I was to have such lovely natural blonde hair !  Most people to this day think my hair is naturally blonde ( more down to the extensive grey these days).

Newly branded and packaged but still following the same silver and purple theme. There are a host of products in the range :

Twice weekly brightening shampoo
Daily Maintenance Shampoo
Daily nourish conditioner
Silver Glamour hairspray
Silver Revitalising dry shampoo

Whether you have dyed, natural or hi-lighted blonde hair or like me are now mostly grey you will love these products I promise you.

The lovely people at Touch of Silver have given me two complete sets to giveaway !


Leave a comment below telling me why you would like to win the range.

For one each additional chance to win (not obligatory )  :

Follow this blog

Follow me on twitter HERE

Pop over to the Touch of Silver Website and come back and leave a comment below telling me one of the five facts about blonde hair HERE

Two winners will be picked at random when competition closes on Tuesday 26th July 8pm.

This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid and all text and points of view are my own.

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I've just come home from Jarvis' school assembly where I cried buckets over the lovely song the children sang and the ugly duckling turning into a swan.  The theme of the assembly was CHANGE.  Maybe the topic triggered the tears or maybe the fact that I finally went to the doctors yesterday after months of discomfort, mood swings & sleepless nights.

The doctor confirmed what I already knew in my heart, I was beginning the menopause!  I've known this was the most likely cause of all the horrible sweating, tingling in my hands and chest, uncomfortable palpitations, sleepless nights spent lying awake, one minute boiling so hot I felt I needed to rip all my clothes off, fling open all the windows and catch the slightest breeze to bring some relief from the feeling that I am boiling alive from the inside! The next shivering cold and hauling the covers off my husband to fling them back off again within minutes!

As I sat there discussing the merits of herbal versus HRT, I felt myself screaming inside , its here, how did my life go by so fast, this is the final stage, I'm not ready for this, I am on the downward slope to death!  I have six year old twins, this is what happens when you are old,  I can't have babies anymore (which is ridiculous because I was sterilised anyway two months after having the twins )!  I didn't want any more babies of that I was adamant, but now I have no choice !

It can take from two to five years to complete the menopause, TWO to FIVE YEARS ! of this !  My husband will leave me for sure, I will have no friends !  my boys will hate me. 

I am crying now as I type this, I feel such a wreck.  I want to be "normal"  I don't want to be hot and cross and "tingly (in a bad way)  all the bloody time !

Now I have to try and decide which option will give me the most relief, The drug option in the form of HRT  or the more costly and scientifically unproven "natural" route taking red clover, black cohash and the like.  There are no guarantees either will help ease my symptoms and the HRT option has risks of developing some forms of cancer. 

I'm so tired, tired of being uncomfortable, tired of being cross, tired of being tired......

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Summer Sales - Winter Finds

I've posted about this in the past but thought it was worth a mention again after seeing a blog post by the lovely Lizzie over at Me and My Shadow .  Lizzie mentioned some pretty clothes she received to review from Lands' End.  (read the story of the misplaced apostrophe).  I have shopped their stores in the past but didn't realise they sold boys clothes so popped over to take a look at their online store.

Whenever I go online to shop I always go to the sale page first.  It's very rare that I purchase full price for anything these days.  I wasn't disappointed with their clearance pages and would always recommend you take the opportunity to stock up on the past season bargains! 


Most retailers sell off both Summer and Winter season stock in their sales.  They (unlike me) have to replace stock with the coming new season, which often means they still have previous seasons available still to sell.  This really works for me.  I go for classic clothes for my family, ie. checks, stripes, plain navy, white, beige, red, black.  I am not driven by "must have" "This season" trends and this works in my favour.

I saw these wonderful PJ's on the Lands' End site and immediately snapped up several pairs for the twins.  Perfect for the cold winters nights and an absolute steal of a price. Reduced from £14.00 to just £4.50 a pair! I'll team them up with plain white long sleeve tee shirts from Primark and there we will have lovely, cosy and stylish winter PJ's.

These classic thermal tee's would also make lovely "stay at home and wear pj's all day outfits " combined with the pull ons above I might have to pop back and buy a few reduced from £12.00 to £5.50 !

I love this sweater too.  On sale at The White Company reduced from £30 to £15 its perfect for Winter.

Just incase you were wondering this is not a sponsored post and no, I haven't been paid or given anything for it : ) xx

Monday, 11 July 2011

Childrens Globe Puzzle Ball - Toyologist Review

My immediate thought when I saw this box was "oh, no not a puzzle" we are not known in our home for our patience when it comes to assembling hundreds of puzzle pieces.

Enter MILO !

Just watch him go..... At 6 yrs old I am pretty impressed with not only his paitence but also his ability to construct this puzzle.

Made from durable plastic pieces all of which are sequence numbered including a directional arrow to help you assemble, our view is this is a pretty cool toy!

Whilst I filmed and Milo assembled, we chatted about Oceans, Countries, where Grandpa comes from (New Zealand) , where we live (England, just in case you were wondering), where camels live, where is hottest, where is coldest, where Father Christmas lives and much, much more.

No batteries required - MASSIVE DOUBLE YAY !

Suitable for Ages 8 plus on the box - Milo all but completed the whole thing on his own at age 6 (daddy helped at the very end, as we could see disaster looming with the final few pieces)

Number of people to complete - One but any number could join in if you wanted and we all got involved talking about what was on the globe.

Price Affordable £19.99 - yay   Buy it here  ToysRus

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Ralph Lauren - SALE

Pop over and take a look, I have added more items to my SUMMER SALE.  Gorgeous Ralph Lauren for babies, boys and girls at a fraction of the UK RRP and FREE postage when you spend over £30 !


Really pretty summer dress and pants - RRP £62 - NOW £26.50 !

Super soft white towelling playsuit - RRP £43 - NOW £18.50 !

Stylish Ralph Lauren swimming shorts - RRP £39 - NOW £16.50 !

You might also like to see what all these other great independent retailers have for sale at the moment.  

Click the picture to enter  

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Could I have found the magic cure for bedwetting ?

All three of our sons potty trained within two weeks and two were dry at night very soon after.  Both of them were considered "early" at achieving this milestone.  The third son is still wearing nappies at night at age six and a half.

Although we acknowledge that this is unusual, we were not overly concerned about this until about a year ago.  I always worked on the premise that  by the time they start school they will be able to dress themselves, count to 10 (or more) read a bit, write a bit etc etc.  I never felt the pressure to push my boys into attaining milestones laid down in the minefield of "expert" books available on the subject of how to bring up your child.

Recently we have started to become a little concerned as the subject of friends sleepovers started to crop up.  The twin who is dry at night has started telling his brother that he can't go and sleep at friends homes because he is still a baby who wears nappies. We have tried to explain to him that its not nice to talk like this and that his brother will be hurt and upset and that he can't help it, but its only a matter of time before it slips out in front of a friend or worse at school.   When Grandma recently came to stay he was mortified when she walked in the room when I was putting his nappy on him.  He understands himself that he is older than "normal" to be wearing a nappy at night.  Recently they have started to leave marks on him because they are getting too small.  We can't afford to buy him pull up pants which are way out of our price range.  We have tried everything to help him.  Waking him several times during the night, even setting our alarm clock to get up and take him to the loo.  We have limited drinks at night and before bedtime.  Tried reward charts, money, everything we can think of.

Last week after another distressing bedtime, I remembered something I used to do as a child when I wanted to wake up at a certain time.  I would bang my head on my pillow the requisite number of times.  As far as I can remember it never failed!  I always woke up when I wanted to.  When your child is distressed you will give anything ago.  I told my son to bang (I say bang,but you know what I mean) his head on his pillow twice and repeat " I will not wet my bed tonight".  He and his brother thought this was wonderful, a magic spell, like the tooth fairy or father christmas.  Of course it would work, mummy said it would and do you know we are into our fourth night of him being dry , the longest dry period ever ! 

Just a fluke or

Mind over matter ?

You decide .......


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