Thursday, 5 July 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my Hubby. Nine years ago today !  We have come so far, Love you Nigel.

The Poem you wrote me on our wedding day

To My Wife

No Words can describe
What I feel inside
Its something Fresh
and oh, so new
I think I found all I wanted
and more in you
I will show you that my feelings
Are true and just for you

The love I've been waiting for
has somehow found me
you fill my life
and make it complete
I don't ask for much
but just your love
lets just keep going
and discover one another
and what love is all about

We both know the tears we've cried
The things that have happened
and we had to put aside
They didn't give us what we wanted
or make us feel the way each other do
that is where we found each other
and our dreams have come true


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