Thursday, 7 March 2013

What's in a Name ?

 I know my husband will be horrified that I have committed my thoughts to paper (or more accurately cyberspace)  but it is something that has bothered me for several years now.

I think we made a mistake with one of our children's names and I wish I could change it !

 There I said it for all the World to see.

I read with interest this article in the   Guardian

I do feel your name dictates how people view you and although it seemed like a good idea at the time to name one of our boys after a very cool rock star.   I really, really do wish now we had gone for the famous rugby player name instead.

I had no problems with my eldest son's name.  I always, always wanted him to be called Jacob.  A strong biblical name, I read the story that he was his mother's favourite son.  As (at the time) I had no intention of having more children it appealed to me even more.

The name suits him, People call him by it and rarely shorten it to Jake.  He refers to himself as Jacob, which is always a good sign and I think the name holds him in good stead for adulthood.

When we found out we were expecting twin boys we spent a lot of time discussing names.  Should they both begin with the same initial ?  Should they be similar ?  We decided as twins they would have enough to deal with being collectively called "The Twins" and so decided on completely different initials and sounding names.

I do think like my taste in clothes, music and other areas of my life, my choice in names has changed over time.  There are of course names I would never dream of giving my children, none starters from the off, like Wayne or Kevin.  Is it snobbish ?  Is it where we live ? The family and friends who surround and influence us ?  Our aspirations for our children ? 

All that said, maybe there is some kind of devine intervention at play. My gorgeous twin already appears to be living up to the name we chose for him.  It's looking like he is not destined to be a great academic but he might, just might be a world class footballer, which suits his name just fine!

Maybe it was the right choice after all .....


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