Thursday, 15 December 2011


At the school the twins attend it is policy  not to let parents take photographs or film of the school nativity.  I have my view on this and can tell you I am not impressed.  Another case of political correctness gone mad.  They do though take pictures of your children and give you copies.  It would appear one of my twins shares the same view as me.

Can you spot him ?

Also begs the question why its ok for them to take a whole class photo and distribute it but  you can't take pictures at the event itself of your own little darling !


  1. are you kidding me?!!

    I would go straight to the PTA and have your say. That is outrageous!

  2. sadly Sophie, I think the PTA are in agreement with the school. The photo of milo did make me laugh though. Can just imagine the other parents if they got THAT picture .

  3. Can't believe you couldn't take any pictures at all. That's really sad. Also really daft that they then took and distributed pics themselves. At my daughter's nativity we were allowed to film and take photos but had to sign a list saying we wouldn't post them on facebook or any other such places which is fair enough as I wouldn't anyway.

  4. I understand that they want to protect vulnerable children. A friend was told this at her childrens' nativity as there were children in the school who were separated from a parent(s) for their own safety and the parent(s) were not allowed to know their children were there. Obviously no more information was given and I'm sure this isn't the case in all schools. I think schools have it tough trying to find the right balance. I would be happy to sign something similar to the list photopuddle mentioned, but you basically then have to trust the good intention of everyone else.

  5. Thanks for your comments Photopuddle and Sara I totally understand the protection of vunerble children and for one minute would not wish to put one in any sort of risk.
    I do believe though that if this is the case in the twins class then these children should be removed from pictures, why should the majority miss out because of one or two children in a class of 32 ? I am sorry if this sounds harsh xx

  6. lol love the picture. We are allowed to take pictures and post them on facebook it would appear. I wish they would take some pictures as it's hard to get a decent enough picture. x

  7. When I was a teacher - we took photo's of each child individually, groups of shepherds, angels etc and a whole class photo and then parents were able to buy them and get a decent photo in the process. Many schools can't allow you to take photo's now as there are quite a few parents who do not wish for the child to have their photograph taken for many reasons and you would have to honour their decision and not allow their child to be photographed. Sadly it is a sign of the times not a school being awkward.



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