Lovely film made by Milo and Daddy as part of our ToysRus reviews.

Box Number Four How amazingly lucky are my boys. We really appreciate our good fortune and be assured many of the toys are passed on and shared around with other children, charities and good causes. More information to follow soon.


Using "kid wood" this unusual combination of plastic and foam type "wood" material is great for small children to use. The tools really do cut through it easily resulting in no temper tantrums from the twins. Although some of the suggestions included in the box are a bit ambitious for six year olds to master they really enjoyed using their imagination to create their own pieces and even discovered they could colour the "wood" with my h-lighter pens !

There is plenty of "kid wood" to share between two boys. Tools just like daddy, screws that actually screw easily into the kid wood, no chance of anyone getting hurt and best of all - NO MESS !

The twins played happily with this toy unsupervised for about an hour, pretty much a record in our house.

Once they completed their planes, tanks, cars and space ships they used them to play a game, and now proudly display them in their bedroom.

A great toy for imaginative play, construction building skills, eye / hand co-ordination.

A good value toy - retailing at £29.99 - You can also purchase more kid wood refill variety packs at a reasonable £7.99 to continue future projects. See the whole range HERE


Now I am the first to admit I have no idea at all how to play this game ! (Even with the instruction booklet) It's totally beyond my tired brain to work it out. Milo (aged 6 and half) on the other hand had no problems at all playing it. Not sure what that says about me but there you go.

To me they look like pac man monsters, maybe that's where the inspiration of monsters eating monsters comes from.

According to Milo and the instructions on the box you have a series of 48 challenges on four levels beginning with starter - junior - expert - master . The aim of the game is to make the monsters eat each other by stacking them, you can only move the mosters horizontally and vertically to land on top of the first available monster in line . (still with me ? ) The base of the hungry monster must fit exactly over the monster it wants to eat. You have the solution to the challenge when only one big tall monster is left !

Packaged in a sturdy white plastic box, this would be an ideal game to take on holiday. Suitable from 7 - 99 Yrs  (with the exception of tired brain, 49 year old mummies) .

Its certainly a great game for helping children to problem solve, logical thinking etc.  If you have children who love to play with puzzles, this is the game for them.  If you have children who love to smash, crash and bash, then probably not !


We received the blue Samurai Disc Cycle with figure, who attaches to the Deluxe Megazord and I am informed by Jarvis we received said Megazord last year. Unfortunately we can't show you how they get on together as the Megazord appears to have taken himself off to his home planet for a bit of a summer vacation. When we find him in the toybox , oops, I mean when he returns we will pop a picture on the review.

Apart from attaching his disc cycle to make a Megazord, he doesn't actually do a lot else, the wheel spins and the blue Samurai sits ! The interest in this toy lies in the child's imagination.

Retails for £13.99 from ToysRus stores but not online as of yet.

See all the toysRus reviews over at the toybox page HERE


Go ! Go ! Power Rangers ! Yep, know all the words to this one. We watch the series, have the books, and the outfits too. So you can understand that Jarvis totally flipped when he saw The Samurai Switch Morphin Ranger complete with sword !

Some background on the Red Ranger :

Strong and fearless, Jason is the former Red Ranger and original leader of the Power Rangers. To Jason went the Tyrannosaurus Power Coin, giving him the power of the Tyrannosaurus, and control of the Tyrannosaurus Dinozord. Red power weapon is the Power Sword, a powerful weapon with a razor sharp edge. His weapon combined with the others to form the Power Blaster. As Red Ranger, Jason gained enhanced strength, speed, and durability. His tactical knowledge and fighting skill make him the ultimate Ranger. Jason closely follows the rules of Martial Arts, and promotes discipline and making friends out of enemies. It is this attitude that got him chosen to represent Angel Grove at the World Teen Summit, a peace conference in Switzerland he attended, leaving the Rangers.

He returned to Angel Grove years later to take on the powers of an injured alien, becoming the Gold Ranger. After the alien reclaimed his powers, Jason was powerless once again, but was able to return years later as the Red Ranger for a special mission in which 10 Red Rangers joined forces to stop the Machine Empire from destroying Earth with Serpentera.

Soooooooo anyway, this figure has a button on his back when pressed changes his head into Samurai mode, he has a sword and movable arms ( but not movable legs - guess power rangers don't do running away).

He's made of pretty strong stuff, no breaking this toy easily. Believe me he has been tested well, last seen "flying" from the bedroom window down to rescue Geoffrey Giraffe who was in danger of being taken hostage.

The beauty of this toy lies in the child's imagination. The adventures this guy has is nobody's business. Its ALL about imagination ! Jarvis loves him and takes him on lots of adventures (which of course includes fighting and lots of sound effects) .

Go ! Go ! Power Rangers ! Samurai FOREVER ! (or something like that ) : ) xx

Se  my other toysRus Reviews over at the toybox   HERE


Box Number Two has arrived, we received :



This was the first toy out of the box, both the twins and I were really curious to see what it was all about. A really simple easy to play game, its basically just a race between two players to see wh can pump their "loon" up first.

We had a bit of a squabble over the colours as obviously being very macho six year old boys neither wanted the pink loon. Some gentle persuasion and the offer of an ice cream sorted the argument out and as usual Milo drew the short straw !

Its really easy to assemble, just pop the nozzle into the base of the loon and away you go. Often with this type of toy the nozzle will work its way out during the "pumping" but this one holds secure and is really effective.

The twins took a minute or so to work out how to best pump, hands winning over feet and enthusiastically raced to get their pumpaloon inflated. A couple of minutes of vigorous huffing and puffing and the pumpaloons were inflated. Milo won the first round and a rematch was immediately called for.

The picture on the front of the box is a little misleading as they are not as big as you might think. Even so once inflated they make great "punch bags" as the boys discovered !

We are all still enjoying playing with them and we have even discovered that the pump leads when detached from the pump make great sounds when blown into and swung around!

No batteries required Yay!

Number of players 2 (says 2 - 4 on the box not sure how 4 could play ) Yay

Age 4 upto Grandma's age Yay

Price £19.99 - Competitively priced against similar toys - would be fab for a birthday or christmas party game.

This year we have a fab new page for the toyologists campaign where you can see all the reviews together in one place.  Pop over and take a look  HERE


Are you entering the competition to become a toyologist this year ? Try to make your review a bit different to make it stand out from the rest. Here is one we enjoyed making last year.

The second year of the ToysRus Campaign starts soon.  This year 10 new toyologists will be chosen to join those of us invited back this year.  Make sure you are following ToysRus on twitter HERE  and Facebook HERE  and then pop over HERE to see how you to enter to be in with a chance to join us this year !


We were featured in the local paper as part of the Toys R Us UK  Toyologists campaign. We donated our last 2 boxes to the Exeter Salvation Army childrens Christmas appeal. Not impressed with the fact they got the generosity of ToysRus wrong it was nearer £250 and the fact that you can't see all the toys behind us ! Still as they say "Any Publicity is good publicity " ! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE !


Catch up !

Its been an amazing experience being part of the ToysRus Toyology programme as we near the end of the campaign for this year, I have fallen behind with our reviews due to work and family committments but will try my hardest to catch up now.  For those of you who are still looking for some last minute christmas

In the above box we received :

Paint by numbers - A classic wet weather day toy - We passed these to The Exeter Salvation Army Christmas Appeal at the twins school.

Toy Story Klick Buzz - We gave away in a competition

Total Action Football - fiddly to set up, hated this game when I was a child and it hasn't improved any ! Boys set it up with big brother, played it for 5 minutes, put it in the box and we gave it away to Big boys school Christmas Baazar - Sorry but can't believe a fiddly game like this is still in production.

Knex Constuction kit - Milo loves anything lego, mega blocks, knex based.  He loved this, made it in five minutes flat and now sits on his shelf.  A great, easy to use construction kit for young boys.

Jolly Octupus   Not a game we would buy. Too many fiddly bits to loose.  It took quiet a bit of fiddling to put together and needed batteries.  The boys played it once and immediately lost interest, afraid its the type of game that causes tears and tantrums in our house.  It is well made though and currently on sale at ToysRus at a more realistic price of £11.99. - We gave it away to Big Boys School Baazar.

Interactive All Around Chuggington  -  This was a big hit with the twins !  Milo (as always ) put it together himself. The boys were really excited with it.  It comes with an interactive Wilson who sets off phrases at points like "Vee" who responds back.  The only downside to this set is you have to buy all the other trains seperately and at approx £10 each this can get really expensive.  We have purchased some for christmas so that we can seel the whole interactive effect of the set.  Priced at £47.97 I think this is about right for this kind of product.  It is sturdy and well constructed and certainly keeps the boys interest. They are still playing with it .


Way back in the Summer we received the Battle Strikers Turbo Tops Metal XS   (Can't now find on the ToysRus website, but still available in store)

The twins couldn't wait to get it all out of the packaging and get to work destroying each other !

I remember our eldest son had a similar game when he was about 8 yrs old. I have to say this version is far sturdier and much more stable.  A big improvement on the original.  The spinning tops tended to stay inside the arena and not spin out .  Also the boys really liked the motorised and magnetic launchs, cuts down contact with the metal spinning tops to a minimum with little fingers !

The only down side with this game are the removable side storage panels - they are too loose and fall off all the time - they would be better as moulded components or as a totally seperate storage unit as they are really irratating when the boys play the game.  They keep knocking them off.

The other problem is the NOISE! my goodness is it loud ! Doesn't bother the boys but drove me crazy .



Review of Playmobil Great Dragon Castle

This fantastic castle arrived from ToysRus to review along with a Tomy Tomica Big City Set ! ( see our video review HERE  )  The twins truly though they had died and gone to heaven !  Mummy and Daddy stood there with their mouths open !

It did take a little while to put together with the help of daddy and does need batteries ( also sent curtesy of Philips  Wow! How impressive are toysRus ) but it is well worth it. Sturdy, Interesting and so much fun to play with !  There are lots of hidden traps, prison cells and even a glow in the dark skeleton ! The boys were in fantasy fighting heaven !

"No Milo it doesn't go there ! It goes there ! No not there ! "  Jarvis made a better forman than builder, it has to be said !

Jarvis introduces Boris the bear (on loan from school) to his castle .

If you are looking for that extra special toy for great imaginative play for Christmas. There is still time to get this and its currently on sale at ToysRus

As Always many, many thanks to ToysRus and Playmobil for this fantastic opportunity. This has to be one of the best toys we received to review.  The boys play with it everyday.  10/10 xx


Many thanks for all your entries in the guessing the name of the bear competition.

THE WINNER who guessed Jarvis named his bear BIG TED is Jenny Kearney !


To infinity and beyond......

Time for another giveaway.  This time its a fabulous Toy Story 3 Buzz Lightyear Model kit 

Just clip together and lock to make your very own Buzz Lightyear with this fantastic model kit! Great for fans of Toy Story 3.

•Make your own 20cm Buzz Lightyear.

•Includes sticker sheet, display base, reversible backing card to decorate, Klip Kitz key and spare rivets.

•For ages 5 years and over.

To enter :

Today we went to toysRus to choose presents for the twins upcoming 6th birthdays.  Jarvis choose this gorgeous (and massively reduced )Teddy, just leave a comment with what you think his name is ! 

You will need to scroll to the end of this page to leave your comment.

For additional entries, pop over to the ToysRus Facebook page  make sure you like the page and  leave the comment  "I would like to win Toy Story 3 Buzz on Karen Jones blog and I think the teddy is called ........ "

Competition closes on Saturday 27th November at 8.00pm

Open to UK residents only

Winner selected at random





It wasn't just the twins who were thrilled when we opened our toysRus Box and found a Scalextric Start - Grand Prix inside !

A classic toy that gets better and better.  We were really impressed at how fast the cars go (and stay on the track).  Its been a few years since we last played with one and there has been much improvement to the cars. Although still lightweight plastic, they are definitely more sturdy than they used to be.  Daddy also likes the new style ! (a stickler for detail).

Priced at £69.99 its great value for money, and compares really well to lots of toys in the same price range that will be disgarded after a short time.  The Scalextric is a classic toy that will be bought out and played with time and time again and appeals to all age ranges.  Isn't that right Daddy ?  Daddy ???  Has he gone back upstairs to play again when he should be painting my living room ........



Trying to spread our great fortune around a little bit more, I recently sent toys to the simply scrummy Helen from   and the lovely Susan from   here are what they and their children thought about the toys they received :


This week me and milly were asked by the very kind @allaboutheboys Karen, to review the “My Own Leaptop” as part of the toyologist toys r us program.

A fab thing for Milly as she has been itching to get at my laptop for sometime!

It has many fun features such as email, music and even blog button. As well as Alphabet, music maker and animal mode . Its a great Pre-school toy with child-friendly click-tick mouse and 30 educational activities that teach early computer skills, including phonics, numbers, logic and more!

Milly’s favorite part at the moment is the music mode, where we are treated to a little dance by teddy bear scout. Lots of bottom shaking and silly songs ensue, perfect for my just under two year old! I think it also will grow with her as she learns, with usb connector and website, there are lots more fun things to download to the little laptop for extra “growing room”. All in all I am very impressed! But more importantly so is milly, she hasn’t put it down yet, proclaiming loudly “mine laptop, mine” and “its fun!..its fun!”


Product Review - Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Disc Alien Ultimatrix

Description:- Unleash Ben's ultimate alien allies from your own Ben 10 Ultimate Alien disc Alien Ultimatrix . This awesome Ultimatrix wrist unit looks just like Ben's own Ultrimatrix from the show, can be strapped onto your wrist, and features light and sound effects . Load the alien mini discs from 10cm Ben 10 Ultimate Alien action figures (each sold separately) into the Ultimatrix, to see the alien pop up from its disc , and unlock alien light and sound effects . The disc Alien Ultimatrix comes with an awesome Ultimate Humungousaur mini disc , to start off your collection. Ben 10 Ultimate Alien disc Alien Ultimatrix is a great imaginative toy for fans of Ben 10.
Review:- My almost four year old has not long gotten into Ben 10. He's not one for watching the show but anything with Ben 10 on it, he loves. He has the shoes, the wellies and a t-shirt. This is the first toy he has gotten to do with Ben 10. He loved it. He knew what to do with it straight away and fitted the alien disk straight in. I'm sure he will be saving up his pennies for some more alien disks. This one comes with the Ultimate Humungousaur, whoever that it but he seemed to know, so that was the main thing.

I have to say it didn't hold his attention for hours, but he does keep going back to it and playing with it.

I would recommend this to everyone with a Ben 10 fan. At £16.97, it's quite a reasonable price for character toys.

Thank you so much to the lovely and gorgeous Karen from All About The Boys for sharing her Toyologist wealth.

Product Review - Tomy Aquadoodle Animal Magic Sounds

 Animal Magic Sounds combines no mess, drawing with water and fun farm animal sounds.

Simply fill your Aquadoodle pen with water, choose your favourite farm yard friend from the images framed around the mat and doodle away to the sounds.

Use the Aquadoodle pen to draw your masterpieces and magically reveal the hidden images on the mat. As the picture fades your child can start drawing all over again! Suitable for age 18 months+.

Aquadraw is changing. The no mess, drawing with water creative toy staying exactly the same, this is one of the first mats to have the Aquadoodle branding.

Review:- My two little ones absolutely loved this. They both spent hours taken turns to draw and listen to the animal sounds. You can draw with the pen, creating your own pictures, but there are also shapes underneath which appear. Little footprints, a butterfly, some duck foot prints to name a few. There are loads to do and find. The pen is nice and chunky, great for little hands. Not only does the sounds work, when the pen is placed on the circles but it also makes the noises as they draw.

I really do this is one excellent toy. Teaches children animal sounds, there are also the corresponding animal pictures and the art of messy drawing without the actual mess for the parents. The only thing I can say that I didn't like about this, was that it only comes with one pen. Two would make this perfect.

I would recommend this to everyone with young children. At £29.99 it might seem a little expensive, but it's so worth the investment.



Gabriella Bull - CONGRATULATIONS !!!  

Winner notified by Facebook message






Feed BABY born Magic Feeding Doll with her ice cream and baby will get a messy face which needs to be cleaned! Let her drink from the bottle until she's full and baby will need to use the potty. Baby is waterproof, has a drink and wet function and cries real tears!

See all details of what's included here ToysRus  (please note the deluxe outfit is not included in the giveaway set)  Recommended Retail Price £39.99

She is fully boxed, so will make a perfect christmas present for a lucky little girl. 

To enter you get additional chances by :

Scrolling to the end of this rather large page (sorry) and leaving a comment

 like the ToysRusUK Page!/toysrusuk   and leave the comment   ENTER ME FOR THE BABY BORN TOYOLOGY GIVEAWAY AT ALL ABOUT THE BOYS BLOG

Tweet about the giveaway on twitter with this link

Follow this blog

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Open to UK residents only ( sorry expensive to post)

Ends on Tuesday 9th November

Winner picked at random

Thank you



Last Thursday I visited the local Twins Club with an amazing selection of toys given to me by ToysRus as part of the toyology programme.  I must admit to being a little apprehensive before I arrived, The thought of all those twins in one place nearly had me running ! 

After a short introduction explaining the purpose of the programme & requesting if they were on facebook it would be lovely if they could follow ToysRus UK  we got down to business .

Very excited twins !

Lots of gasps and wows!!

Not sure I like the Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur Mummy !

Ahh! Think their faces say it all about what they thought about the Girls Only Lara Doll  Most of the mums felt this was a specialist doll that would probably only appeal to an older girl who liked to ride.  It was opened and then left on the floor untouched by most of the children, except for one little chap .....

who decided the doll would make a great football player and proceeded to get her to kick a ball around the room .  Bless !

One of THE most popular toys of the day In the night Garden dress up Upsy Daisy  Several mums had already identified this a must have toy for christmas and were thrilled to see how their little girls loved Upsy Daisy.  Now reduced too at ToysRus they were off to buy !

The lovely Gill mum to Joshua and Oliver put the Playskool Step and Start walk and ride together also currently on sale this is a bargain must have from ToysRus. Gill really liked this item, although she did point out its odd that you have to assemble so much of it. Would be better if you just had to pop the wheels on.  If buying for christmas she said she would assemble it the night before. It also needs a battery and screwdriver (I forgot both ) Boo to me ! 

Sophie and Amy's attention was held by the bright colours and textures of the Playskool Explore & Grow chase me critter, their gorgeous mum Emma was impressed by the toy .  As her daughters have special needs she usually takes toys from the toy library who cater for specialist toys as they tend to be very  expensive.  Emma felt more mainstream stores should though explore this niche market.

A wonderful morning spent at the club, and thanks to toysRus and all the suppliers & manufacturers there is a very well stocked twin club in Exeter.


Few comments on the items that I saw -

Playskool step,start walk was £29.99 reviewed by Gill & boys - good product for younger ones as will grow with them, robust and easy to put together, good value for money

weebles treehouse £29.99 reviewed by gemma & girls

all the kids love this one and are still fighting over it! would prefer it to be a bit cheaper

explore & grow critter £24.99 (needed the batteries!) opened by Fiona & also if this is the ball popper - the batteries were the wrong size so still not played with I am afraid. will sort batteries and get back to you.

the fisher price trio crazy click bricks creatures £9.99 - fantastic value for money. the boys at twins are really into it. good robust box to store in, hours of interactive play. would definitely get this one for my boys.

aquadoodle table/desk £29.99 - bit gimmicky but is popular with the kid kids, shame there is only one pen and it is not attached. would prefer it at the £20 mark

playskool push and stack gears £14.99 - great for younger ones, robust and easy to use. good value for money.

animagic newborn hopper rabit £16.99 - hours of fun but will get dirty quickly, should have made him grey! bottle and carrot so easy to lose. already hunting for them!! could do with being £9.99.

animal planet wild eye dinosaur £19.99 - did not do so much, boys liked it initially and then weren't so fussed, tad overpriced.

girls only Lara doll £29.99 - not really a hit with our group but I saw a 3 year old girl lugging it around on Monday who loved it.

crazy chefs game £6.99 - hope Vicky will get back to you on this one but I know she loved playing it with her 4 year old. great price and would imagine hours of fun.

Upsy Daisy £21.99 - some of the girls who are fans of the show adored this. lots of play I would imagine.





Many people by now will have heard about the Toys R Us Toyologists Programme.  As we are well on the way with the programme a group of us thought it might be a good idea to have a carnival!  Not the dressing up in feathers and blowing whistles type of carnival, but an even better one! 

Throughout October 18 of us who are feeling just a teeny bit guilty about all the free booty we have received from ToysRus are holding giveaway's on our blogs !  See the list below and make sure you take part in each one for a chance to win !

The Competition Carnival started on Monday over at Notes from Inside my Head

and now its my turn ...... 

We have been sent some simply amazing products to test and review - please take a moment to read the reviews as you scroll down this page to leave your comment to enter the carnival .  Today's giveaway, is I am afraid dictated by the amount it will unfortunately cost me to post to you :

You can select from either Twister    The classic getting close game for all to play and sure to cause one or two laughs this coming festive season. 

or Zibits Robots  I have 2 these to giveaaway and are one of the must have toys for Christmas !  Cute radio controlled mini robots go forward or spin around. Light up and make sounds collect all of them and race with friends !

All you need to do to enter is scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment telling me which item you would like to win.  If you have a problem with the comment system on this blog, just pop over to my facebook page!/profile.php?id=100000732349773  , like me and leave a comment telling me you want to enter the carnival and which item you would like. 

Competition Carnival Calendar

Tuesday 5th October Notes Inside my Head

Thursday 7th October All about the boys

Friday 8th October Emmaand3 - reviews

Saturday 9th October Adventures of an English Mum

Sunday 10th October Perfectly Happy Mum

Monday 11th October Not Supermum

Wednesday 13th October Precious Memories

Thursday 14th October New Mummy's Tips

Saturday 16th October Carrots and Kids

Monday 18th October The Five Fs Blog

Tuesday 19th October Glowstars Reviews

Friday 22nd October Sarah Cookson

Sunday 24th October A Modern Military Mother

Tuesday 26th October More Than Just a Mother

Thursday 28th October Flower Fairies and Fairy Cakes

Saturday 30th October The Babbling Mummy

Sunday 31st October A Mother's Ramblings

Tuesday 2nd November Are we nearly there yet, Mummy?



Sunday dawned very wet and cold so our normal visit to the boot sale was a no go.  As Bigfoot was making himself scarce (more details on him to follow soon)  I decided it might be a good time to get the STICKY MOSAICS DINOSAURS out of our latest ToysRus toyologist box.

Described as " a getting creative with mosaics by number craft set "  The box includes 4 dinosaur design pictures and over 3,000 sticky sparkly foam pieces.

Hooked by the promise of dinosaurs, the boys set to work.  I must admit I felt that interest may be short lived when they realised they had to stick ALL the pieces onto the pictures.  I was totally wrong.  My normally "can't concentrate on one thing for more than 5 minutes twins"  sat for more than an hour paitently peeling the backs off hundreds and hundreds of tiny sparkly foam squares and faithfully placing them on the correct number on their pictures.

Milo was in charge of the colour coding and was chief advisor when a number was called out.  "what colour is number 8 ? "  "its this pink one" and so on and so on.

LIKE :    Everything !  Clear, easy to use instructions.  Plenty of pictures (4 designs), gorgeous sparkly mosaic pieces that could easily be removed from the backing, also in perfect size squares to allow easy handling by little hands and fingers.  Strong adhesive on the foam pieces means they stay attached to the picture. Lots of spare left over incase of mistakes.  Gorgeous pictures as a result.  10/10

DISLIKE :  I can honestly say there is nothing to be disliked about this great product.

PLAYABILITY :  1 or 2 hours of focused enjoyment.  I did not expect the twins to stick with it, but they did and the sense of satisfaction when they completed their pictures was lovely to see.

VALUE FOR MONEY :   Cost is £14.99 I think this is really well priced for this product.  You get 4 lovely pictures, made of sturdy cardboard, gorgeous sparkly mosaic pieces and results in 4 lovely pictures which can then be hung on the wall.

BATTERIES :  None required !

AGE RANGE :  5PLUS  This is aimed correctly, the twins aged 5 both made one, Big brother age 15.5 yrs and Mummy aged 48.5 years all loved making them.



Here is what we received :

Bakugan 7 in 1 Maxus Dragonoid
Blendy Pens Medium Art Set
Hornby Devon Flyer Model Train Set
Imaginext Bigfoot
Meccano Construction Starter case
Sticky Mosaics Dinosaurs
Zibits Robots

Totally overwhelmed by the contents of the box, we have not yet decided how to distribute them.  We have several children's parties soon so will be spreading the good fortune around and requesting reviews in return.  We are though, going to review the Imaginext Bigfoot with the twins - its too good an opportunity to miss and one which I am sure they will be thrilled by.

Watch this space !



"Shake, Shake, Shake and magically create " ! is the tage to describe this set.  Not quiet a magical creation in our opinion.  No1 son, his girlfriend and Jarvis set about the creation of the 2 Ben 10 models after the Tea Party .

Their overall conclusion with this product was that it would be impossible for a 5 yr old to do alone, tiny, too detailed written instructions, when simple pictoral and some written ones would have worked far easier.
Very easy to make mistakes when trying to read the long list of instructions and make the product resulted in errors, lots of mess, disappointment for Jarvis.

The model broke when it was being removed from mould resulting in tears.

Impossible to paint anywhere near like the pictures on the box in my mind probably painted by a professional artist.

You can only make 2 models then you need to send away for more powder .

Children used kitchen sink and clogged it up with the waste from the moulds.

It was difficult to use, messy with a poor end result

complete waste of money

Sorry we would never buy this product and would not recommend anyone to buy it.

SCORE 0/10


Box No 2 Arrives ....

Contents :

Ben 10 Shaker Maker
Tonka Mod Machines
Tonka Mod Machines Deluxe
Tonka Mod Machines Motorised
Twister Game

For this box we decided to have a Tea Party, unfortunately we ended up with a Teeny Tea Party but it didn't detract from the fun.

Geoffrey was up and ready early making sure the cakes were all present and correct. ( supplied by  Kerry's Cakes of Exeter, if you live in the area you really must try her delicious cupcakes) 

We had 3 excited little boys so we popped upstairs to take a look what toysRus had sent :

Then we changed into these stylish little number curtesy of ToysRus Exeter . Thanks Guys xx :

Time to get down to business :


Tonka Mod Machines Review

Milo selected the Tonka Mod Machine - Motorised   - described as Create a custom style vehicle with a variety of parts and accessories. This cool Tonka Mod Machine features a two-speed motorised engine that can fit into any Mod Machine vehicle. This vehicle comes with 10 different parts accessories for you to configure just how you want!  When you've got your vehicle built, turn on the motorised engine! Increase your speed mode for cargo-hauling power or lower it for high-speed action.

Ben selected the Tonka Mod Machine Deluxe  -  Create and customize your own vehicle and then take it apart to do it all over again! This cool vehicle comes with parts accessories for you to configure just how you want. Add the street wheels for some city driving or add the off-road wheels for adventure driving.
Jarvis selected the Tonka Mod Machine (well he was left with this option) Bless !  Create and customize your own monster vehicle and then take it apart to do it all over again! These cool  vehicles come with parts accessories for you to configure just how you want. Add the street wheels for some city driving or add the tracks for adventure driving.  Plan your vehicle so it’s lifted or lowered depending on the terrain. Either way, you and your customized vehicle have some awesome drives ahead of you!

First job, get them out of the boxes !! Always a nightmare, these were no exception. Very securly tied into their packaging but interestingly with very strong string type ties not the usual type.  Once scissors were found and after about 5 minutes all 3 were out of the packaging.
 DISLIKE - Often the case - excessive and difficult packaging with impaitent 5 yr olds, manufactures need to come up with a better solution   4/10

Also surprisingly for a TONKA these are made out of plastic ! on first inspection they appear cheap and brittle, but actually as we discovered are robust !  8/10

PLAYABILITY -  All 3 boys quickly discovered they could change parts with each other and set about swopping parts and making their own version of truck.  They attached them to each other, bashed, crashed, made up games, discovered how they worked (the motorised version) and are still playing with them today with just as much enthusiasm.    10/10

This scored high with all of them as their best LIKE - They gave it 10/10 !


Tonka Mod Machines - £9.99
Tonka Mod Machine Deluxe - £14.99
Tonka Mod Machine Motorised - £24.99

They represent great value for money, especially as the brand TONKA is well respected, something to suit most pockets.  The fact that you can interchange all the parts from any machine is a real bonus and I would definately recommend them as a great Christmas or birthday present for little boys. Not something I would normally look at to buy from the twins, but now having received them to review I will certainly add to the collection for Christmas !


AGE RANGE - 4 YRS PLUS - I would recommend upto about 9 probably no older.


All 3 boys would like to thank ToysRus and TONKA for these great toys and Ben, although the only guest went home a very happy chap xxx

The reviews on the other two items will follow shortly.  


With the reviews on the first box of toys all but complete, we are looking forward to the next box as it has always been our intention to spread the great fortune around.  We have the local twins club ready and waiting to hold a tea party and  "test" toys.  Also waiting and raring to go are the new pre-school, run by dedicated mums and in real need of new toys.  Depending upon how often ToysRus send us items to review we will bring more and more worthy causes on board to join in the fun !
  If anyone has any suggestions, would love your comments.



With excitment mounting it was a really lovely touch when the team at ToysRus UK gave us our own sealed letters with what was inside our boxes.

Here is what we received:

Ben 10 Alien Swarm Action Cycle
Snazaroo Boy Face Paints
GX Racers Speed Car x 2
Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament Set
Wild Science Ant-O-Sphere 4 Pods
Pirate Snakes and Ladders and Ludo

Over the next few days I will be sharing the reviews of the toys on this page. 
 We have decided to give marks out of 10 for each item overall and also to comment in the following categories:  LIKE, DISLIKE, VALUE FOR MONEY, PLAYABILITY (hope that's actually a word) and most importantly BATTERIES !



I have to admit to a certain little shudder when this item was pulled from the box !  Ants !!! Ants !!! You have got to be kidding ! 5 yr old twin boys and Ants !!!

This was very definitely one for daddy to set up with the boys.  As it happens Jarvis had a similar opinion to me and so it was Daddy and Milo who were only too pleased to be left alone to get on with it.  Here is their review.

Described as : A unique system which mimics the actual layout of leaf-cutter ant colonies in the tropics. The 4 spherical pods and the tubing that connects them together are life-size replicas of the chambers and passageways that the ants would normally construct underground, and are tinted red, so that the ants believe they are in total darkness, even though they can easliy be observed going about their daily routine. Soil plants and worms can also be added to the pods, creating a fascinating mini eco-system.

LIKE :  Milo - " Its cool looking, like its from space, they have lots of different rooms to walk to"
                                                   Daddy - " I like to see the ants going about their business and the magnifiying lense is a great idea on the side"

DISLIKE:  Milo - "It was hard to make and it steams up so you can't see the ants"
                               Daddy - " It was a little bit flimsy on the base and legs, it could fall over - Mummy would not be happy about that "

VALUE FOR MONEY : £19.99 Priced about right for this type of product

PLAYABILITY :  Obviously not really a toy, probably better suited to older children.  Twins like how it looks and after the initial ant hunt and set up have looked at it only a handful of times.  I think it will probably have the ants set free and be dismantled and put away after a month or so.

BATTERIES :    None required

AGE RANGE :  6 YEARS and over


MILO : 10/10
DADDY 9/10
MUMMY : Lovely as long as it stays outside !



 Based on the motorbikes that Ben and Elena use in the Alien Swarm movie.  You fill the action cycle tank up with water,and press down on the cycles back wheel to fire water from the bike exhausts! There is a removable Ben 10 action figure.

Jarvis immediately bagged this toy as his own.  He is Ben 10 obsessed and anything with Ben 10 on it and he is thrilled to bits.  Here is his (and mummy's) review.

LIKE : Jarvis -  "its Ben 10 mummy and it shoots water !!! Cool! "
Milo -  "not bothered" - ok thanks Milo !

DISLIKE :  Jarvis - "nothing ! Its Ben 10 Mummy"
Milo - "not bothered" - Thanks again Milo !

VALUE FOR MONEY :  £12.99 - Way over priced but then that's normal retail practice for the "in" toy of the moment.

PLAYABILITY:  Initially wouldn't put it down, even without water in it.  Ben falls off all the time, so we left him to sit and think about life in general while we watered plants, squirted at windows, at each other and played in the bath with the bike.

BATTERIES :  - None required

SUITABLE AGE RANGE : 4 Years and over


JARVIS 10/10 (No surprises there)

MILO - "NOT BOTHERED ! I SAID !" - OK Milo, so we gather

MUMMY - 6/10 - Too expensive and MAKES A MESS !



Described as revolutionary high performance 1.64 scale cars which perform never before seen stunts!

The cars don't disappoint. The twins love them, they zip, spin and race across the floor at breakneck speeds.

LIKE - Jarvis - "They drive upside down"
         Milo " They spin on their sides"
DISLIKE - "Nothing !"  - That's the twins opinion, in mine the noise and bashing into the furniture.
VALUE FOR MONEY - Priced at £6.99 a little high but well made, so good value.
PLAYABILITY - Hours and hours of zipping, whizzing and crashing - until the ripcord thingy gets lost and then will end up in the toybox with all the other toy cars.
BATTERIES - None required





If you pop over to my main blog page you can see the video of the night the family played Pirate Snakes and Ladders.  We left the game at grandma's so that all the family could enjoy.   Its not often we play board games thse days, but this was a lovely set, really well made, bright and colourful.  Engaging for all ages.

LIKE - Its easy to play, it doesn't last too long so small children won't get bored.
DISLIKE - Small parts (Jarvis didn't like the counters )
VALUE FOR MONEY - Priced at £8.99 we all thought this was good value for money
PLAYABILITY - Excellent, will be played time and time again, its a game that has been around for many, years and never looses its appeal.  Great for learning numbers and counting with young children .
BATTERIES - Non required : ) 


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