Monday, 23 August 2010

The Novotel Hotel, ToysRus Tea Party & a game of snakes and Ladders

The ToysRus Tea party invite came on a weekend when we were supposed to be in Cheshire with Grandma.  After some juggling we sorted it so that we could go to the party and then up to Cheshire. A 600 mile round trip in 2 days ! 

Not knowing the area we booked ourselves a cheap overnight stay on Friday in a the Novotel in Reading.  Not as close to Bucklebury Park as we would have liked and a nightmare of a stay!  Reading town centre noise on a Friday night has to be experienced to be believed !  The hotel was stiffling hot with noisy airconditioning, no pillows for the pull out bed for the boys and a grubby itchy blanket, I spent the night balancing on the end of the pull out because of the heat and finally fell asleep at 3.30 am ! There were extortionate prices for food and a £14 parking charge! Never again! You live and learn.

Happily the day at Bucklebury Farm Park with ToysRus soon made our overnight stay fade away.  We arrived early and the boys set to work exploring the park, making new friends and bonding for life with Mum_Themadhouse gorgeous boys .

Jarvis and Maxi (mum_themadhouse son) on the zip

The food was something else, plenty on offer all day long !  Face painting, VIP Tour of the park by the lovely Bucklebury Park staff and as for the deer experience! WoW! 

The Toyologists on their way to the Tractor ride in the deer park .

The day was well planned and the ToysRus staff amazing, friendly people.  Soon it was time to pack the kids and dads off to play with the go carts, bouncy thingy and all the other lovely attactions, while the mummies got down to business with the Team.  Lots of great chat and ideas about the toyology programme a ToysRus Sealed letter containing a list of  the toys we were each to receive, and then the families came in to open the first of their boxes!!  The boys were thrilled with their contents especially the Battle Strikers Metal XS Tournament set and the Ben 10 Alien Swarm Action Cycle (Reviews on my Toyology page later).


Afterwards there was time for MORE food and play and then time for home.  We were all exhausted, we had a lovely, lovely day. Met some great people, made new friends and above all are so, so thrilled to have been asked to be part of such a great project.  ToysRus truly are a PEOPLE company xx Thank you xx

Much Later, home at Grandma's (and after one or two glasses of wine for mummy) we got out another of our toys from ToysRus - The classic Snakes and Ladders game ......


  1. We love snakes and ladders too! It was such a fantastic day, The boys adored your two , oh so much and as you say the hubs bonded too over a secret smoke!

  2. It was great to meet you (and your OH!) properly!

  3. It was such a great day and so good to meet you all!! Awww your poor boy....that's how I feel when I have to go down the snake too :-( Great to get all the Family playing together though!!!

  4. So lovely to actually met you great ladies (even if some of you had novel ways of getting a new man ) hehehe! Really hope we get to meet up again xx Thanks for your kind comments xx

  5. Sounds like an amazing and memorable day. Glad you all had a fab time. xx

  6. Sounds like a good was had by all! :D FAB!

  7. I would like to exchange links with your site
    Is this possible?

  8. Looks like you all had a ball - quality family time & meeting new friends. I love some of your older boys clothes.



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