Sunday, 21 February 2010


I have always loved white. White clothes, white walls, white furniture, white floors the list is endless.
One friend once described my home as like entering God's waiting room because of the brightness of the white all around.
I maintained that any children I had would always be dressed in white. A statement my mum would scoff at and say "wait until you have them, you'll change your tune then" I never did, when said children eventually came along so did all things white! I have been known to change a snowy white romper several times a day!!
The beauty of white clothing for children is that you can wash them time and time again and the colour never fades, you can bleach out stubborn stains and all children no matter what their skin tone or hair colour look wonderful dressed in clean crisp white.
So next time you see a beautiful white cotton dress, white boys shorts or Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, give it a go and buy it. You'll be amazed at how much wear they will get out of it !


  1. oooh, white, I love it too ... so fresh x

  2. Scarletbutterfly - Thanks sweetie, the pic is of one of my twins : ) xx

  3. I love white too, it's such a sweet colour which does go with all skin tones like you said. My skin tone is so white it's almost blue and my 3yo took after his mummy, he looks great in white. I think it's a great idea. White is the new white. xx

  4. SusanKMann - Thank you for your lovely comment, white also never goes out of fashion and always looks classic. : ) xx

  5. I love white, and *love* your pic...keep up the good work xxx

  6. Hi Karen,

    I really love the pic of your little one! it's so beautiful and complements your blog subject perfectly!

    Keep up the good work!

    Love Teri xxx

  7. LOL this made me laugh - its the antithesis of me! nothing in my life is white at all! okay -maybe a boys t-shirt or two, or I have a couple of white summer shirts but nothing else! the only walls in the house to be close are the living room which are an off white - insisted on by the OH to show off all the sofas, pictures and other stuff that are in fabulous colours! My neighbour's house is all white and I love going there as its so peaceful. She likes mine for a dose of vibrancy but we could never swap.



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