Saturday, 6 March 2010

Take time

Having had a less than wonderful week with a lot of unexpected pressure and stress. I was reminded that sometimes making the time to just sit and think can bring great peace of mind, can help clear the clutter and above all put things into perspective.   I spent time looking at the people and things that  I love most in the world and almost immediately began to feel better.

Take time, take pleasure in beautiful pictures or beautiful items you might own, even in the simplest form, really look at your children particularly when they are unaware, it costs nothing and does you the world of good. Things will almost certainly not be as bad as you first thought ......


  1. beautiful site!

    Following you now!

    follow me?

  2. Dear Karen,

    That is so true! We can miss such beauty if we don't take time to stop and look around us and there is always beauty to be found if we just look for it!

    Thanks for sharing that with us!

    Love Teri xxx

  3. Beautiful pics! Made me feel very happy. x

  4. Hi Karen,

    Lovely blog.

    It is so easy to get carried away with the trials in our lives and so difficult to just stop for a moment to reflect and enjoy the little things. Good for you to break this spiral!

  5. Thank you all you lovely ladies for your kind comments. Feeling full of energy to face the world this week : ) xx



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