Wednesday, 14 April 2010

No to exploitation of children

I feel compelled to write another post on subject I feel very passionate about.  As I write yet another high street chainstore the "stack em high, sell em cheap " shop Primark
 is in the news for selling a padded bra bikini for girls as young as 7 years old !  Another example of the sexualisation of children by the high street.  Only a few weeks ago I mentioned my disgust on twitter about the baby girl romper in the new range by Stella McCartney for Gap
which had a crochet halter neck to it !  At the same time Madonna announced she was working with her 13 year old daughter to launch a range of girls clothes based on her past show outfits !
 Heaven help us !  What are these people thinking about.  Are they so far removed from real life, surrounded by yes people who court these ideas, that they can't see how inappropriate some of them are? 

Chances are because you are reading my blog you are also someone who likes to look and shop on the internet.  I have found since starting my online business there is a wealth of individual, stylish talent to be had.  We no longer have to accept what the high street forces us to choose from.  How many times I wonder, if  like me you have trawled the high street looking for something different but appropriate for your children which does not come with a designer price tag, only to return home empty handed or disgusted by what was on offer.

Please support independent small businesses, up and coming designers and  children's fashion blogs.  Take a look at people like  who always has age approriate and wonderful clothes on her site.  The fabulously funky  and of course my new range

I would love your comments. 

Thank you

Karen x


  1. Totally agree! why do we want our children to grow up so fast! Life is too short, so we should let our kids be kids for as long as we can !!!! and protect them from the horrors that we as adults have to bare on a daily basis!

  2. Completely agree. I count myself lucky that I have boys and not girls to dress especially when I look over some high street rails. Though it is quiet evident that there is no money in boys' clothes as the choice is nearly always a third less than on offer to the girls.

    What annoys me however, is that if we can't "pimp" the boyswear, lets commercialise it instead with countless logos and printed superhero/comic character tops which hardly last 2 or 3 washes.

  3. thank you for the mention Karen, a very interesting post!

  4. Many thanks for your comments. Totally agree with Victoria about the boy clothes issue. I avoid character clothes like the plague.

  5. I'm making a huge generalisation here but do you think it's a class thing? I was in Primark the other day and people were cooing and ooing over belly tops and toddler things with inappropriate slogans (summer of 69) and all that. But then even Zara had these t shirts with Lolita faces on. W

  6. It scares me so much when i look at what retailers sell for little girls aged 5+. I've seen silky tops with low fronts, skin tight wet look leggings, heels???? I would never dress my girls in things like that, they grow up too fast as it is never mind adding 'adult clothes' into that mix. And the padded bikini thing really turned my stomach!! xx

  7. Thank you deer baby, I think its more a state of mind. These type of clothes are being sold from the dirt cheapest to the expensive designer ranges. I have seen some shocking dior items!

  8. Thank you for your comment Amy - Wow 4 girls and another baby on the way! Very best wishes for May, you must really know your stuff when it comes to little girls clothes.

  9. When you design or sell clothes for children you carry a large responsibility; to set good examples and offer styles that appropriate.

  10. Really interesting post, well done for speaking up, so glad I have boys :)

  11. Really interesting post! and one well worth speaking up about. I think its all wrapped up in part of our modern culture today, watched 20 mins of a music channel with ten boy jack the other day, i have never spent 20 whole minutes looking at half naked women before, eye opening!every vid was close on soft porn, i really don't want to sound like a frump but if thats what little girls grow up watching then they will all be racing to primark (or next incidentally) for some cheap looking padded bikini ;D If we don't stop the madness soon, where will it end? wonderbras for babies perhaps?



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