Wednesday, 1 December 2010

To HAT or not to HAT that is the question !

What ?  What !!!  .........

The snow hasn't quite reached us in Devon yet, but boy was it cold this morning ! Not just chilly, but biting cold !  I wrapped the twins up in lots of layers, gloves and their new trapper hats.  Put on my scarf and thick coat, steeped outside the door and nearly fell over with the shock of it. 

Nothing for it, I really will have to put that wolly black and white stripe hat with the pom-pom on top on!   On it went, "That's a nice hat mummy, can I wear it ?"   "err No sweetie you have your nice new hat"  "you look funny mummy "  "Thank you darling". 

Off we trot to school.  Thankfully not meeting up with any of the other mums (or dads) along the way, but glad for the protection it gave.  "I'll take it off when I get to the gates" I tell myself.  Not bloody likely, when we get there. I swear its minus 200 ! 

Oh No !  There's the deputy head doing his morning meet and greet !  "Hello boys, nice hats "
 "oh! erm, hello Mrs Jones, errm Nice ....  Cold morning isn't it ! "

I walk bravely on, by this time my nose is running and my eyes are streaming, can't wipe them because I am carrying 2 lunch boxes and 2 school bags.  "oh! God !  there are all the young yummy mummies in their pretty pink knitted hats with flap ear things.  They glance in my direction and look quickly away.  "does she not know what she looks like ?" 

I march on, head down.  Phew, there are "the old gang" made up of us older mums and dads all wearing sensible warm clothes. The dads glance  (they wouldn't notice if I turned up naked with tassles on - well maybe one might ) " cold isn't it ! "  "yes, certainly is "   I choke through snot and tears, "put my new hat on - ha ! ha! "  trying to make light of my horrendous appearance seems only to succeed in drawing even more pitying looks in my direction. Stop LOOKING at me, its only a HAT ! 

In the classroom I make the mistake of pulling the offending item off my head !  BIG MISTAKE ! I mean BIG MISTAKE ! A static jolt that sends my gorgeous grey locks flying skyward as if they too, are so mortified to be part of my being they can't get away quick enough !

I can feel my face turning bright red with the combined heat of the classroom and the horror of it all. Plonk the hat back on my head, kiss the twins bye and march off down the road to the safety of my home.

HATS ! Burgh ! You can keep em.


  1. Great post, so funny and you don't look that bad ! That is you in the photo right ?

  2. Brilliant post, gave me a really good laugh. I'm quite old fashioned and prefer to wrap up warm than look like Barbie and freeze to death. I don't do the school run anymore, but in the olden days, I used to notice the same thing. There they were, handbags and high heels, and there was me; wellies, woolly hat and thermal gloves. And I bet I know who felt more comfortable...!

    CJ xx

  3. Wow ! CJ, Thank you so much for your comment. Same here I'm afraid. I am a much older mummy of young children and often get mistaken from Grandma ! But been there, done that in the fashion stakes a long time ago : ) xx

  4. Oh karen, that made me laugh sooo much!!! U always look lovely, I'm sure it was only u that thought ur hat was awful! Lol. I don't do hats very well but damn sure I will b sticking one on my head very soon, despite what it looks like cause I hate being cold... Brrrrr x

  5. I get so embarrassed about wearing a hat too and that's mainly because I wear glasses. I can assure you, specs and woolly hats are a shocking combination - unless they are sunglasses when the look can appear cool (but ridiculous). I'm vain so endure a cold head. I could put my contact lenses in, plus hat, but then that really is vain when I usually only put them in for special occasions.

    If that is you in the photo, I think your tache needs some attention ;-)))

  6. Thank you Anonymous AKA Helen : ) I sooo do not look gorgeous. You on the other hand always do xx

  7. OMG I've never worn a hat but today I honestly felt the need to rush out and buy one especially while waiting around the school playground. I'm also an older mummy and I was thinking it didn't matter what I would look like, swallow the pride and all that, but I'm thinking again now!

  8. I wear really mad hats, I dont care, you would love lovely in a sack my dear friend!

  9. Such a funny post, I can just see you now! I bet you don't look half as bad as you think you do. Great post though, love you blog.

  10. Hahahahaha! Saw you this morning too : ) Lovely, really lovely xx

  11. Many thanks everyone. Glad you are all feeling my humiliation and pain xxx

  12. Hahahahahaha! I don't believe that you looked anything but gorgeous and if anything, I bet the mummies in their silly pink flimsy things were jealous of your hat!
    I am definitely sporting the Michelin Woman look in the playground at the moment - it is all the rage darling ;-)

  13. I don't really suit hats I don't think but I've got to that stage where I just think sod it, I'm cold, I'm wearing a hat. This year I have a rather fetching grey bobble hat. I've not worn a bobble hat since I was in then brownies but I figure if they are selling them in the shops then they must be fashionable. I actually don't think it looks too bad and it's so lovely and warm. I've even been known to wear it in the house. Embrace the hat I say!

  14. I always envy those who look good in hats, but then there are those who should be told that they don't - your picture sums up the type I mean...good blog and put a smile on my face



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