Monday, 29 November 2010


The twins bedroom is still an ongoing project, we are almost there but I am determined to get their bedding right.  My search for the perfect match seems to have been endless.  I know what I am looking for but can I find it in the right colour and for a not silly price !  Recently the owner of Babou (another local lady) started following me on twitter.  I always try to check out new followers and boy was I glad I did this one ! 

Beautiful childrens bedding and accessories in perfect, classic colours.

I Love, love the red gingham and will certainly be popping back there in the New year. (With the twins birthdays and Christmas both in December, its a pretty tight month).

Go over and take a look, buy British and support local UK Businesses xx

Red and white gingham duvet set in 100% super soft cotton !

Co-ordinating Sack for all those boy essentials

and fantastic value on sale at the moment - if you thought you had a mini footballer in your tummy when pregnant - check out this gorgeous baby bedding available at a steal of a price !


  1. Another great find Karen. I love your blog, you can always be relied on to find the best. Keep it up. x

  2. My boys bedrooms are red, white and blue too!

  3. aah Jen are they ? I really want red gingham for the twins room, but its soo expensive. This is def the best value of quality items I have found. Might have to resort to trying to make it ! How hard can it be , right ??? xxx

  4. Love the bedding,so fresh and crisp looking.As you say some shops charge silly prices.heading over to your recommended site to have a nosey. I am a white freak!



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