Monday, 20 June 2011

2011 Toyologists 1st box arrives

Last week saw the arrival of our first box of toys heralding the start of the ToysRus Toyologist campaign for 2011.  We were very fortunate to be selected again this year to test toys and are really looking forward to the year ahead. 

Be sure to pop over to the ToysRus Facebook page  HERE there will be lots of fantastic opportunities for you to join in the fun this year.  I will also be running giveaways on my blog.

One young chap was getting rather more possessive than he should over the toys even before the twins arrived home.

We thought it might be a nice idea to invite a friend around to play with the twins and help test some of the toys.

The twins and Rosie played with the DON'T LAUGH, CONNECT 4 LAUNCHERS and THE BUBBLE BUSTER 

Reviews will follow soon.

It was really nice of Geoffrey to send a toy which also doubles as a floor cleaner, very thoughtful of you and much appreciated.  I had a lovely clean, sparkly floor after the children finished playng with the Bubble Buster    XX

There was music on this video but somehow due to my amazing technical skills its been lost.  I must also apologise for the manic screaming of Milo.  He is, I'm afraid mostly always like this .....


  1. The boys have the playmobile spy car, remote and camera and it has gone down a treat. I have beee using it to spy on them. I love it almost as much as they do!

  2. hahaha! what a great idea. We are waiting until after cybermummy to review it to ensure I can join in the fun. No doubt a video will surface : ) xx

  3. I love it! Your laughter is the best!

  4. What a great amount of toys, so much fun. Love the video x

  5. This Toys R Us programme isn't really helping/supporting independent toy retailers like us! We can't afford to buy our way up the search engines :(

  6. Hello Craft and Play

    I can totally understand where you are coming from. I was asked to be a toyologist last summer (before I started my promotion of small businesses) and as a mum to three boys, living on a tight budget it was an opportunity that was too good to not accept.
    I would be more than happy to feature your company on my blog and help promote you, I run two small "businesses" of my own and fully appreciate the difficulty and struggles involved with competing against the big boys .
    Please do email me at if you would like me to feature you
    Karen xx



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