Thursday, 1 September 2011

All About The Boys becomes ALL about the boys !

It's been a long summer.  First time I have taken the whole summer to spend with my boys.  We have had fun days, fab days, drab days and sad days but most of all its been a learning experience.  When you are self employed it's probably not a good idea to take nearly two months off work.  I have tried to work at night or when the boys were otherwise occupied, but in reality I have been too tired most nights after days on the beach or whatever other activity we got up to.  As for trying to think and work when they boys were in the next room, FORGET IT!  There have been days that I could seriously have killed the next person to say "MUMMY".  Anyway, lessons learned and with totally empty bank balance its back to a combination of holiday clubs, grandma and mummy & daddy from now on. 

I am desperate to get stuck back into work and to move my two small businesses forward and have decided that my website  will get a makeover in the next few weeks and will become only All About The Boys !  After taking time to look over the figures and sales trends its become obvious that the majority of my sales are indeed boys clothes.  I think the name of my website does confuse people, even though I was strongly advised not to change it.  So from this Autumn/Winter stock I am returning to selling clothes only for baby boys, boys and some mens items.

Don't worry though if you are one of my fab loyal regular customers who I source girls clothes for, I am still happy to do that.  Just let me know what you are looking for and I will get it for you.  Just not selling girls online anymore.

I have been selling off the girls stock on Ebay and to twitter and facebook followers over the Summer but still have stock left.  I really want to clear the decks now so am offering all the girls stock on my website for sale at "offer price".  Please pop over and take a look, take no notice of the price displayed and if you are interested in anything leave a comment below telling me what it is and either :

DM me your offer price on Twitter
Message me your offer on Facebook or 
Email me your offer at

Before I made my decision I had these Ralph Lauren Hooded Jackets on their way to me with the Winter stock.    If anyone is interested I have two aged 5 (suit 4/5 yrs)  and 6 (suit 5/6 yrs)  offers over £18 please. (rrp £65).

Also this Ralph Lauren Outfit.  Both size 6 Suit UK 5/6 yrs - Offers over £30 please.

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