Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Hot Wheels Wall Tracks

Hot wheels are always a big hit in our house.  We were recently contacted by Mattel and asked if the twins would like to review the new Hot Wheels Wall Tracks.  This is a genius toy that fits on the wall for play !  Perfect if you are short on floor space or just like to try and keep a tidy home !  We love how it looks on the wall in the twins room, really adds to the decor.  You do need approx 3 sq ft of wall space to fit it on but it can easily be removed from the wall if you only want to put it up for play.    It comes complete with 3M command strips which stick to the wall to secure  the tracks.  They do remove very easily, although it does say they might not be suitable for walls with wallpaper.

Milo set to work building several variations of the suggested layout and preferred not to use the easy to follow template.  Mattel has a great  video tutorial

You can continue on the track on the floor with the traditional Hot Wheels floor tracks so the combinations are endless.  Milo has spent hours discovering which combinations work best.   Not just a fast track game but also great for teaching children about problem solving, basics of design etc.

The video shows the Hot Wheels starter set and drift valley spin out set.

There are several sets to choose from, the basic set starts at around £16 with the starter set retailing for around £28.  A great value for money classic toy.

One of the things I love most about this toy is NO BATTERIES REQUIRED ! Woop! 

We were sent Wall Tracks to review and keep, no payment was received and all views expressed and photographs are my own.

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