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WowWee Light Strike interactive battle game Review

I was recently contacted and asked if I would like to review the Latest Light Strike interactive battle game from WowWee.  Having had their fair share of guns, lightsabres etc I was not sure that this would be suitable for the twins.  Whilst mulling over the email, my eldest son came into the room and I asked his opinion.  "What about me mum, I never get anything to review"  He had a point.  As it turned out, this game in our opinion is probably best suited to age  10 - 15 years.  It requires a certain amount of skill to understand the operation of the light strikers, the fast pace and the objective of the game. 

We received :

Two complete sets of Light Strike Assult strikers with targets. - £39.99 RRP
Light strike enemy scanner - £9.99 - £12.99 RRP
Light strike machine gun BI Pod - £9.99 - £12.99 RRP
Light Strike refactor Launch  - £9.99 - £12.99 RRP
Light strike scope   -  £9.99 - £12.99 RRP
Light strike ITS -  £24.99 RRP

Jacob's friend Pete was drafted in to "play" and the lads got to work unpacking the boxes.  Their initial thoughts on the strikers were their impressive skins "shiny" (for want of a better word) decals, the good weight and quality feel of the light strikers. 

Designed to look like futuristic weapons, they look and sound really impressive with all the flashing lights and commands when in operation.  

Including :

Instant reload for fast action
weapon selection
Team Selection
Health meter
light and sound that puts you in the middle of the battle
ammo meter
fingerprint verification - I kid you not !
single fire/semi automatic

 On the down side each striker requires 3 x AAA and 4 x AA batteries !

Accessories include :

Refrector Launch system   to defeat enemies with one super shot, with real recoil action and enables you to gain a tactical advantage.  This fits underneath the striker. -

Rapid Fire system - rapid fire super ammo provides major blasts, real recoil action and gain a tactical advantage . This also fits underneath the striker.

Scope   LED targeting system, increases gun range upto 100 feet, defeat your opponent with one shot in sniper mode

Enemy Scanner   Detect Enemy movement within 30 feet and gain a tactical advantage

The boys found all of the above accessories added to the enjoyment of the game, were not essential but gave some advantage to the player depending on which add on they chose.

 An added feature of the game is the Intelligent Targeting System which provides three settings, a medic, a bomb and a sentry gun. Whoever controls the ITS gaines an advantage during the game.

Game Objective

You can have upto four teams, each team represented by a different colour and the main objective is to depleat the opposition's health by shooting sensors and lowering life points, whilst running around, jumping over things, hiding behind things and getting as dirty as possible !  All good fun boy stuff. 

Our View

 The lads found that to play the game properly you needed to be outside, when played in a confined space indoors you could "kill" your opponents without them being in sight, due to the lights bouncing off the walls or ceiling.

They loved the voice command effects and really felt that they added to the enjoyment of the game, especially the fingerprint verification . 

Overall the boys really enjoyed playing with the strikers and certainly felt they were up there with the best interactive target games.  There are enough options available to keep the games fresh, you can play alone or have unlimited numbers of players in the four teams.  Certainly one to get the kids running around outside.  I also really like the fact that there are not hundreds and hundreds of "bullets" or discs to pick up or to risk injury with !

On the downside as with many toys is the unfortunate number of batteries required to operate the strikers.

Visit the Official Light Strike website HERE 

This is not a sponsored post but we were sent the strikers to review and keep.  All views expressed and photographs are my own.

Many thanks to WowWee for the opportunity to review this product


  1. Oh can sooo see Big J, teen Ellie and Jack having fun with this. Maybe in the woods or something? ... while me and milly have a nice sit down and some tea and cake, I'm a very none violent sort me ;)) x

  2. ha, bless now it would be Nigel and Milo with the tea and cake and me, Jacob and Jarvis out in the woods : ) xxx

  3. Great review. I've been thinking about buying these for my son for christmas. It looks like just the thing for him. Thanks.

  4. Oooh I love this! Or more to the point my teenage son will ;-)



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