Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Time to Share

We all lead busy, hectic lives these days.  Time is short.  I have often felt helpless in the past that I could not make more of a difference to the lives of  people who are suffering or in need.  Well now thanks to yet another inspired idea by Sally Whittle.  We all can.  I am thrilled to be involved in this amazing campaign. 

Do you love the idea of supporting a charity through your blogging ?  Have an hour or so to spare ?  Then read on :

Time to Share: Bloggers sharing their time with good causes

Bloggers represent a powerful and influential online community, and the British parent blogging community is one of the most active around.

The Tots100 ( http://www.tots100.co.uk/ )  is a network of 2,500 UK parent blogs, which have a combined audience of more than 2m readers. These blogs write about everything from pregnancy and raising children to careers and crafts. The blogging community is also enormously supportive of charities and good causes, with high-profile campaigns by the likes of Unicef and Save the Children being written about and shared on social networks by hundreds of parent blogs.

This year, the Tots100 is inviting its members to share their time with good causes. The Time to Share programme will match UK parent blogs with charities in need of volunteers. During March 2012, we’ll be providing our members to share their time with local charities, lending a hand with everything from planting trees to walking dogs and visiting schools.

The project aims to:

- Give bloggers, and their audience, a real insight into the work being done by charities across the UK, and the vital role played by volunteers. We hope that the programme will inspire more people to get involved in volunteering in their communities

- Give charities the opportunity to raise awareness of their work by connecting with influential bloggers – research suggests that content on blogs is much more influential than magazines or television, and Tots100 bloggers are highly active on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook

- Provide blogs and charities with a platform to promote volunteering on the Tots100 website, with all posts and projects promoted across our network

The Tots100 is keen to hear from charities across the UK who would be interested in connecting with bloggers, and providing volunteering opportunities to bloggers during March 2012. Interested charities can register their interest online at:


Parent bloggers who would like to volunteer an hour or more of their time can register their interest in the programme online at:



  1. I am amazed that you find time to support all these charities and give awareness to their causes as well as run your own business and bring up a family which includes twin boys of 7yrs. and a teenage boy going through his A levels. you are a credit to young mother’s everywhere. Well done you have a fantastic website. I am sure your husband is so proud of you.
    Regards Brummie

  2. Mother is that you ??? Ha : ) Thanks for the lovely comment anyway xx

  3. What an interesting idea!! I have just started trying to do more through my blog with charities (am a big fan of Action Aid, recently went to their Bloggers tea party, still need to blog about it now I come to think about it!! How terrible am I....)...will definitely look more into this and see if it's something I can do :) xxx

  4. Thank you Julia, I really think its a great way to feel like you are actually "doing something" whether its an hour or maybe more. So many small local charities desperate for some help. x

  5. What a great idea. I hope to be able to help out. It really is a great way to get people involved and it's hard to find the right charity. This will help bring us all together x

  6. I agree Susan and Sally always comes up with great ideas that benefit everybody.

  7. What a fab idea! I think we all often *think* about doing something, but then life gets in the way. Will be checking this out Xxx

  8. Thank you Helen. I have strong views about just donating money to a faceless cause, but with this campaign I really feel like I can get involved and make a difference xx

  9. As an ex-charity fundraiser I think this is a great campaign. We aren't always in a position to donate funds, but we can donate time or our voices to help raise awareness of a cause.
    It is important that whoever we are and whichever cause we support we do so in way that we support in a way that is meaningful for us.

  10. Thanks Ruth, I totally agree. I once worked for a large charity and was appalled by the way money raised by the public was wasted and mispent( in my opinion). I resigned. This is a realistic way for bloggers to contribute.

  11. This looks like a great campaign, I'll be telling everyone at work about it! x

  12. "If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!



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