Saturday, 26 January 2013

" Can we have a dog ? "

Going back to Christmas 3 years ago, all the presents are open, paper strewn, happy faces all around.

Jarvis starts to cry.

"What's the matter sweetie ? "

"I didn't get my dog mummy, I asked Father Christmas for a dog, I promised to be a good boy and he didn't bring me one "

Floods of tears.

oh dear !  Explanations given and the excuses began

 and have continued ever since. We can't have a dog because .......

Fast forward to this weekend.

Norman came to stay....

I might be starting to waver.


  1. Look at that strut! How can you say no to a dog like that?

    1. I know isn't he just the business. Little dog with big ideas xx

  2. Awwwww, that is one cute looking dog! xx

    1. He is Emma and he is so well behaved too. We love him to bits. xx

  3. ..and he loves you right back! x

  4. Hmmm, yep that's one gorgeous dog! And I've been dog sitting a beautiful labradoodle for the weekend. And I am so happy that she is going back today: I feel like a granny who can hand her grand children back, I had no idea that dogs are such hard work! Hope you enjoyed the weekend too..

  5. That is such a cute dog, normally I would say no, but look at him, he's adorable.



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