Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Oh no! Not the school photo

No 1 son came home from school last week with the dreaded school photographs. I say dreaded because he suffers from a condition called Enamel hyperplasia meaning he has a lack of Enamel on his teeth, and had to have 8 teeth removed several years ago. The resulting re-growth gave him gappy, discoloured teeth. He never smiles in photographs and as a result he hates his school pictures. We then have to endure tears and tantrums about how his teeth look and his life is ruined!

He has a rigorous dental routine and regular check ups but unlike braces which are offered for overcrowding of teeth on the national health, we were offered no support or solution unless we paid a vast amount of money, way beyond our means to get all his teeth capped ! We were even unable to get his teeth whitened until he is 18.

As a result although being a lovely looking lad (well I would say that wouldn’t I) He is hugely self conscious and will not smile with an open mouth. He covers his mouth all the time with his hand and bows his head when talking to people he has never met before.

With hindsight I wish I had taken out dental insurance along with our home and health insurance. We may then have been able to do something for him and the rest of the family, helping us with covering costs. Especially as it now appears one of the twins may have similar problems.  He has already suffered from teasing in the playground due to a black front tooth caused, the dentist says by a trauma to his mouth but again, which nothing can be done about. We are hoping that when he looses his milk teeth this one will grow back healthy.

In a society which is increasingly obsessed with looks, perhaps it’s a small price to pay?

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  1. This is so sad to learn that this young lad suffers so much and therefore does not smile. Dentistry is so important and you obviously took time to rectify the problem. They say beauty is within us all, but how can you explain this to a young teenage wishing to impress the world around him. I am sure it will turn out right with the correct dentist in time.
    Cllr Jan Mashlan Cheshire

  2. That brought I tear to my eye! As a mother of a teenage boy myself I know how important it is at this stage to 'fit in' and it is a struggle for most teenagers trying to come to terms with their ever changing bodies, feeling and emotions and my heart goes out to you and your son.

    I think it is a disgrace that your son is not entitled to treatment on the NHS for something that could not have been prevented.

  3. Hi Carole
    Thank you so much for your kind words. We have tried every angle possible, but they will not do anything more for him as it is classed as cosmetic : (

  4. Oh bless him! I'm sure that he is very handsome! Outrageous that they won't do anything to help!! x

  5. Thanks Emma, he is lovely but you know yourself no matter what anyone says to you if you don't feel it yourself. And sadly his teeth are not good. Hopefully we will be able to afford to at least whiten them when he is 18 : ( xxx

  6. I hope he finds his smile and the confidence to shine soon. xxx

  7. My oldest was born with a hair lip and cleft palate and had a really tough time in the playground poor love. I feel for your boy and if there is anything you can do for him I'd certainly say go ahead.
    Multiple Mayhem Carnival coming up on Monday, any chance of a post lurking around somewhere? :)

  8. Hi Marisworld,
    Thank you so much for your comment, I can totally appreciate how your son must have suffered. Children can be so cruel it beggers belief. I don't have many posts about the twins (your's are too die for by the way)I will really try to get something written and over to you xxx

  9. My heart breaks for him. It's so tough to be a teenager without anything else adding to it. I hope something can be done to help him soon. I hope he finds the confidence to stand tall and smile as he is such a gorgeous boy. s

  10. Hello wifey, thank you for your lovely comment. Not sure what else we can do for him and he gets so upset ! Its horrible. Hopefully one day we will win the lottery and be able to buy him new ones xx



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