Monday, 18 October 2010

A few of my favourite things

As a child I don't remember having much that held any memories for me from my families past.  There were no heirlooms or favourite items passed down through the family.   I think probably, this is partly why I now surround myself with items that hold memories of places visited, special occasions or my children. 

Whilst on honeymoon we found a wonderful little shop crammed full of beautiful bespoke, whimsical and limited edition gorgeousness.  When I saw these prints I had to buy them, I felt as if the artist had made them just for me, particularly as we had left my young son at home with my parents whilst we went away and I missed him so much.

I wanted this print in particular to always remind me of my wonderful honeymoon but also of how much I loved and missed my son.  Entitled "Quiet Pride ", it sums up how I felt then and still do about my eldest son.

My husband choose this next print entitled " No more secret" and it has such special meaning for us.

I choose this one entitled  "Good Jumper" for my husband


  1. OMG ..seriously Karen, those pictures have really given me chills, such amazing work!
    I LOVE them. And great pieces for passing down, as they say SO much XXX

  2. Beautiful ! I love your blog, so diverse and the personal family touch is genius.

  3. These are gorgeous, so special and an amazing thing to hand down for many generations to come. xx

  4. I absolutely love these - I can see why they are so special to you xx



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