Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ugly Children's Clothing

With ranges called "Lice" "Milk" and  "Ugly"  The fabulously named  Ugly Children's Company  makes no apologies for being for boys ! Yay !  Saying that they have recently introduced a lice dress to the collection !

Fresh as Milk this gorgeous collection has a pattern that is an exact replica of a pattern used on norwegian milk cartons !

I love the Lice Marius Body available in a range of colours and based on  a classic Marius knitting pattern worn by norwegians since the 50´s.

The ugly collection is a range of limited edition bodies.  Be warned, there are some erm, "interesting" logo's.  Not for the faint hearted !  You have been warned.


  1. Another great find Karen ! You are a legend.

  2. hahaha! Classic ! What a great website . How do you find them ?

  3. I just love that first pic! =)

  4. Thanks for your comments peeps. I do my best : ) xx

  5. These are lovely designs that will surely hit the market. We know not all can afford kid's designer clothes so we gotta find more sites for these kinds of quality clothing.



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