Sunday, 29 April 2012

Independents Day

Here we are on a very windy and wet 29th of the month and our third #IndependentsDay.  Although its a Sunday I thought I would still go ahead as I know most (if not all ) independent businesses work 7 days a week.  No shutting up shop or day of rest for us.


I was interested to listen to a discussion on the radio last week about a new term that has come about  called "zig zagging" .  The phrase was coined by Sir Mervyn King, The Governor of The Bank of England and refers to the ups and downs in the recovery of the UK economy. 

The programme discussed how when we talk the economy down, it affects shoppers habits and  people stop spending.  When the economy is talked up, they start spending again !  Not rocket science is it ?

I have always felt that too much negativity on the news and tv has a detrimental effect on peoples spending patterns.  They get frightened and become cautious.  So would it really be as simple as just being more positive ?  Why is the only new bad news ?

Here are the wonderful hard working businesses I am featuring this week.

LindleyWoods - Original Handmade products

Swings and Pretty Things - Inspirational gift ideas

Showler and Showler - beautifully illustrated Art prints and postcards

Trunk Reclaimed - Makers of bespoke furniture from reclaimed wood


Any type of independent business or even if you have a favourite one you love to support you can join in.
If you have a blog, please write a short post mentioning and linking to three or so independent businesses  you follow, buy from or just plain admire. You can of course link to your own business if you want to. Its all about building up the traffic to help people find our businesses.

Leave a comment below with a link to your blog so we can all pop over and take a look. It would be really great if you would link back to this post.


Tweet about the independent businesses you are supporting and mentioning the hashtag #IndependentsDay

Link or share this or your own post on your Facebook page and encourage others to share


Link up your business below

You don't have to be an independent business to get involved or have a blog. Comments, tweets and Facebook mentions will all help enormously.


  1. What a fabby idea and when I get as far a writing my next blog post I will feature your post!!!

    Kirsti xxx

  2. Thank you Kirsti look forward to reading it xx

  3. This a great Idea. I am slightly over due with a Blog Post so I will use this and blog and link later. Thank you for doing this.



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