Monday, 6 September 2010

Every Little Helps !

Since joining twitter I have made some amazing "cyber friends" . Often people you never actually meet become like members of your own family.  A few weeks ago I had the real pleasure of meeting a few of my twitter pals at the ToysRus Tea party.  One of those lovely ladies was the gorgeous, bubbly Emma (AdventuresEM on twitter) who blogs at Adventures of an English mum    

There has been some "discussion" recently regarding bloggers who review products and do giveaways, which I must admit upset me a little, but I don't get involved in these debates as I consider it a no win situation and anyway I am old enough to know its each to their own in this World and you are unlikely to change someone elses opinion!  so when Emma nominated me to receive a "uniform pack" from Tesco I was truly thrilled !  Although I sell "Designer Brands" for my business, I buy direct from America, sell them heavily discounted and make very little profit, but it allows me to work from home and be there for my children.  Our family is on a very tight budget and if you read my post   Who would you put on the naughty step      you will know that we have a very long way to go before we could afford to be proud and turn down such a wonderful opportunity!

So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Emma and Tesco We really appreciate your wonderful gift!  This is one I won't be giving away !

Here's what we received a big black box packed full of Polo shirts, trousers, shirts, stationary and to top it off a £30 clothing voucher for me (see what I spent it on SOON - YIPEE) :


  1. You are more than welcome hunny and it was lovely to meet you too xx

  2. We got a box for Top Ender, I say if someone wants to give you clothes take them and run!

  3. That's a fantastic prize. Well done. xx

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