Monday, 9 May 2011

I can't imagine the horror !

Watching the tv a few days ago an advert came on for the Sun Newspaper who are serialising The new book by Kate McCann.  Since I saw it I have been unable to get the horrific image out of my mind of how Kate sees her daughter "alone and screaming in a room"  Those few words say it all.  The horror and the fear that you must feel when your child is taken.  I cry at the thought of it, I can't even find the right words to explain how it must be to not know what has happened to your child and the images you must see, the horror over what they might be being subjected too.

My children are my world, they are funny, bright, gorgeous, naughty, a pain at times and I would protect them with my life.  I cry at the though of loosing one of them, let alone in such a terrible way.  Whatever your views on the McCanns leaving their children alone that night, there can't be a person in their right mind who would wish this on any parent.

Kate's Book will be published on May 12th (Madeleine's 8th birthday).  Its the 4th anniversary of her disappearance.  Can you imagine 4 years of not knowing but trying to continue to live for your remaining children and family ?

Please follow @MadeleineMcCann on twitter and spread the twitter word throughout the world. Someone, somewhere knows what happened to that little girl.


  1. It's simple unthinkable. I would not leave the house or let my children out of my sight if I thought to long about this. I would go insane not knowing. I can't imagine what that poor family must go through and have to be in the public eye too. Which at times is good as it keeps Maddy in the public eye. You would just have to know wouldn't you? Good or bad, you just want to know. My heart goes out to the McCann's.

  2. Yes Susan, I would rather know one way or the other. The horro is in the not knowing. That she could still be suffering does not bear thinking about. I honestly don't know how they cope.

  3. This sends shudders down my spine, well done for raising awareness, i will follow her over on twitter.

    I can't believe a child can just vanish without a trace like that but unfortunately I dont think she is alone.

    Great post xx

  4. I always remember the day she disappeared and it turns me cold, the worse thing is children disappear like this daily and many dont have the publicity that the McCann case does.

    My heart breaks for the McCanns and thanks for highlighting it once more....

  5. Any time I read about a child disappearing I feel sick. This is such a sad case, like all of the cases, and what a brave parent to keep pushing it out in the public eye. I hope it works to save her child. x

  6. Chibibi Thank you for taking the time to comment. I agree, there are so many children that this happens too. If you think about it too much I think you would go mad.

  7. Northernmum and Michelloui I can't possibly imagine what it must be like to live with this every day. The imagination can be a terrible thing too. I am sure I would drive myself insane, if I was in the same situation. I agree she is really brave to keep pushing it out there after all the negative publicity the case has had.
    She made a terrible mistake but by god she has more than paid for it.

  8. Strangely I ended up talking to my seven year old about this yesterday. It was not intentional but it reminded me how that Summer when we had our daughter (a similar age and colouring) in the back of the car and showed her passport as we came into the UK from France they did not check and take a close look at her even though there were posters of Madeleine all over the port. It worried and shocked me at the time and still does. I will follow her mumon twitter as you suggest. None of us are perfect parents and I'm certainly not going to judge her. Thanks for the post x



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