Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Cybermummy 2011 - Ticket

and the winner is .........

Congratulations !!!!   Will DM you details of how to pay and transfer ticket details xx

If you are a blogger and also on twitter, the phenomenon that  is Cybermummy will most likely not have passed you by.  I went last year and am going again this year.  A fantastic opportunity to meet and mix with fellow bloggers, brush up on your blogging skills, tips and advice from experts in their field, meet PR's representing some top companies and eat fab food !

The Conference sold out several months ago but sadly the person  I was originally going with is now unable to attend.  If you are a blogger and would like to purchase the ticket for £80 (sorry can't afford to give it away)  Please leave a comment below telling me why you would like to attend with a link to your blog and a winner will be picked at random on Tuesday 31st May.

Payment will need to be made via paypal, details will be emailed to the winner and the organisers at Cybermummy will be notified of the amendment to ticket name.  Your ticket will be emailed to you prior to the event.  Cybermummy organisers have been consulted over the intention to sell this ticket.

Good luck


  1. Wow this looks like an exciting opportunity, I found out about Cybermummy's existence too late this year, need to check my Paypal balance! ;)

  2. Saw this on FB and had a mad panic that you'd decided not to come....phew....can relax again now ;-) xx

  3. Cybermummy is something I would love to attend, but I am spending my pennies closer to home this year.

    I hope though to attend next year, would love to meet you lot, it sounds like such good fun :) x

    I'm sure you'll have no problems finding someone to take that ticket off your hands x

  4. Would love to see you there Christy xxx

    No FEAR Emma ! No way am I missing out on sleeping on your brothers floor ! xxx

    Love to meet you too Carole, maybe some other event soon xxx

  5. I am trying to locate a ticket for Claire Louise who was runner up in my Cybermummy ticket giveaway. I had a £100 travel donation attached to my giveawy but as the person who got my ticket did not need it I said that Claire Louise could use it to get her own ticket to Cybermummy if she or I could track one down. It would be great if she could go as she cannot afford to otherwise (I will be paying for the ticket)

  6. Wow I soo want to go but missed the tickets at the time!! I have since missed out on 3 seperate tickets being sold for one reason or another. I would love to get my grubby mitts on this one and hopefully meet some great bloggers/ friends ad be part of the party!!!! :)

    Tracy x

  7. Mummy Manda (posting as Anonymous as can't seem to log in to Blogger)

    I'm new to blogging and only started when tickets were selling. Now I feel more comfortable and have been to a couple of events I would like to go - bad timing!!! Myself (@_MummyManda_)and @IAmWitWitWoo could also provide some light entertainment! http://bit.ly/jclAWK ;)

  8. PS I meant to say if i was lucky enough to win the ticket I will be camping next week and not back until Friday- nightmare not only will I not know if I've won or not but can't reply to you until then!!! I so wish I was posh enough to have an Iphone :(

    Muminmeltdown......name says it all!

  9. De man from Paypal, he say h'yes! :)

  10. I'd love to go to meet the amazing people I tweet with and have helped me through some tough times. I'm honoured to call them friends, and to meet them all in one place would be the icing on the cake!

    Cybermummy is THE event for Bloggers and I don't want to miss the boat! I want to learn from the very best and be inspired by the amazing Bloggers - New and 'Old'.

    I didn't think I could go, and now I can, this is possibly my last chance to get there!

    Plus, did someone say after party?? :P

  11. Yes, please!! Coz I am clueless and could do with some input. I realise this comment is neither funny nor interesting. But by heck it's honest (o;

  12. Woohoo! Just in from a boring gym session and this cheered me up no end, I look forward to hearing from you soon Karen, thank you!

    Apologies to all the other participants as my reason seemed a little aloof and shallow, I do want to go for worthy reasons really. I shan't squander my opportunity as I'll be aware that 8 other bloggers wanted my ticket. x

  13. I'd just like to add that if the winner of your ticket needs a hotel booking then let me know as I know of a room at The Hoxton on Friday and Saturday night.

  14. Thanks Sian, Hope that's not the ticket for the Friday night that I am after : 0 xx



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