Thursday, 5 May 2011

What SIZE am I ?

This morning I got dressed (much like any other morning)  as I checked out my extensive wardrobe to see what gorgeous outfit to select for the day, I happened to notice the size of the items I had plucked out :

 The top blue and white stripes (my uniform these days) was purchased from Sainsbury's in their sale for £5 and is a size 16 !

 The jeans from Marks and Spencers basics range cost £12 and are a size 12. 

 The Crew Clothing Company body warmer purchased from Ebay for £10 (second hand) is a size 10 !

I am not as it would appear from the sizes above one of these lucky  ladies with an ample vuluptuous upper and a tiny lower body (mores the pity).  I have tops in my wardrobe I regularly wear ranging from size 12 to 16 all of which fit me.  The same goes for trousers ranging from size 10 to 14 .  Most are high street labels.  Why can't they get together and come up with an industry standard size chart, much like as with shoes ?  Wouldn't it make life much simpler ?

Oh and you know how they say you look bigger on film than in real life , well I'm hoping the same is true of this photograph!  Off to put on running kit ........


  1. Oh I couldn't agree with you more Karen, it would make things so much simpler.

    Btw you look fab, not matter what size clothing you're wearing! :)) x

  2. I have the same problem, my trousers from M&S are far too big yet when I try on the smaller size they won't go over my hips!!! I've tried so many places & they're all different sizes :( x

  3. You look fantastic Karen, you always do!

    But I do agree on clothes sizes

  4. Carole, thanks sweetie, but really I have turned into my mother !

  5. Hi Josie, I agree about M & S the problem I have with their trousers is the waistband at the back always "gapes" and they are really baggy on my bum ! Manybe we need a custom made service in the stores : )

  6. Jen, you are a sweetie but really not compared to the body I have in my head ! Its only when I see myself I realise that body is long gone xx

  7. i think it's about time someone sued a clothes shop for misrepresentation! after all if you're a size 14 in one store and an 18 in another someone is getting it wrong!! M&S, Monsoon, River Island are all on the small side and New Look, Asda and Matalan are more like the real thing! surely there is already a standard? It's crazy and very annoying!

    On what I wear... I don't care what size it is as long as it looks good on me! Though I would like to be a couple of sizes smaller but I'm working on that!

    You don't need to worry Karen, you look great!


  8. Ha! Ha! Me too just how and when did that happen! xxx

  9. I know exactly what you mean, Karen. I'm normally a 12/14 on top but I do have a couple of size 10 tops (which I have to admit are a bit on the snug side) and I've recently bought a size 16 top from a charity shop (Dorothy Perkins) which fits me to a tee (Frankly, I wasn't sure to be pleased that it fitted or not!).

    I'm a big fan of Uniqlo where I'm a size 12 in tops and bottoms! Yay!

    You look great btw!

  10. Hi Loo : ) Many thanks for your comment. I was a bit the same when the size 16 fitted me !!!!
    I will have a look at Uniqlo - sounds like my kind of sizing, the smaller the better xx

  11. You are so right! I think of myself as being a 12 but my clothes vary between 10, 12 and 14! The thing with me is though that even if I know the size is wrong and it's nothing to do with my body - if it's a bigger size it does put me off buying it I have to say! It's just too depressing!
    As for your uniform of jeans and a striped top - snap!!

  12. Today I wore Next jeans size 10, M&S top size 16 (which doesn't go near my size 14 mum, Evans cardi size 18,size 12 knickers and size 14 jacket.
    Sizes should only ever be used as a guide, and you're missing out on some great potential looks if you use the size as a first port of call when shopping. Mens and boys clothes can be great too. The size issue doesn't bother me, I like having a variety of fitted and roomy clothes in my wardrobe, and as I get most from charity shops anyway, I rarely over-spend on the wrong thing.
    If you fancy feeling skinny, get some Cherokee denim cropped jeans-I'm an average 12 but needed a blinkin' 8!

  13. I know, I thought the whole point in clothes sizes was that they were universal but obviously not. I am loving Next at the moment because I just bought two tops that are a size 6 and trust me, I'm not a size 6!!
    And as for you, I think you look fantastic and judging by that photo I'd say you were nowhere near a size 16!!!!

  14. Thanks for the great comments ladies - its official, there is NO industry standard sizing.

  15. Lucewoman, thanks you so much for such a comprehensive breakdown of your garments and I am with you all the way on your Philosophy xx

  16. definately depends on the shop - my size 14 trousers no longer fit so i'm back to size 16 - that said i tried on three pairs of crops/shorts in New Look size 16 all to tight yet my favourite crops are Next size 14 fit perfect and fave shorts monsoon size 16 fall down and need a belt!
    Tops and dresses are even more confusing!

  17. You look gorgeous but I agree I really wish they would put a standard size so you know what you really are. Crazy and so annoying. x

  18. Thanks Susan, nothing worse than going into a shop and thinking what size am I going to be in here and finding you can't squeeze into it.



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