Thursday, 11 August 2011

Five go adventuring - Elastoplaststories

All is quiet at home this week.  The three boys have gone to stay with Grandma and Grandpa in Cheshire, now while this means I get to have my bed all to myself (apart from the hubby), awake to the sound of bird song not boy screams, eat when and what I like and not have to constantly jump up to the demand of "mummy",  I was just a teeny bit nervous this morning when I rang my mother to be told they were all off on an adventure today!  Not to the ball park, which would be an adventure in anyone's book, no they were off on a "real" adventure.  Across the busy road and into the W.O.O.D.S to have a picnic !  

Like most people of my generation (growing up in the 70's)  yes, I did say the 70's I am soooo Retro you know.  We spent all of our Summers outdoors.  We weren't allowed inside, except to eat and then only on Sundays did we eat indoors at the table, once the meal was finished we were pushed back outside so that mum and dad could go and have "a lie down" !  

Come rain or shine we packed ourselves off with jam sandwiches, bottles of pop if it was near dad's payday and water if not and off we would trot.  To the woods, or the local farmers cornfield to run, make up elaborate stories, pretend we were from the famous five or those kids off the double deckers. 

We even made a den once in a sewer !! Can you imagine ! crawling the length of a pipeline underground to get to the storm drain  at the end where we would sit and scare each other with stories of ghosts and water rushing in and drowning us, with no thought that actually it could !  If my mum had known !!  We survived unharmed, save for the odd case of impetigo !

Maybe this is why I am so protective now of my own children. 

So when my mum told me she was taking my six year old twins on an adventure today my immediate reaction was to tell her not to let them out of her sight, make sure she went in the woods with them, watch what trees they tried to climb etc etc.

This afternoon an email pinging into my in box from the PR who cover elastoplast with this really topical video and subject.  Apart from the little girl running around in her pretty pink dress (not very adventurous attire if you ask me) its a good common sense message.  Take a look at the video (worth it just to lust after the gorgeous Nick Baker).

Interesting statistics.  85% of children are longing for more adventure in their lives and that over half 52% have never camped in their own back gardens ! (I am guilty of this one, always seems like such an effort when I know they will be in and out the house all night and finally return to their beds at 3 in the morning). 

"4 out of 5 parents agree that it's crucial for their children to experience adventure. However, concern for their kid's safety (55%), not having the skills and lacking the confidence (20%) to cope with new activities is holding parents back ".

Elastoplast are launching a new campaign Adventure4Kids

Where children can recreate their adventures and tell the stories behind their cuts and scrapes using an online interactive story-teller at   The best story will win a luxury 5 star family holiday to Greece.

For the first 1000 stories submitted on the website, Elastoplast will donate £5 to children's charity, Over The Wall (a charity which provides life-changing experiences and adventures for children with serious illnesses).

Take a moment to pop over and look at the website and maybe even get your children to join in.  Its a fab, easy to use interactive site.  When th twins get home safely from their adventures at Grandma's we are certainly going to have a go at winning that holiday !

This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid or incentivised in any way (I know shocking isn't it)  : )  xx


  1. I would never let Chick camp in the back garden on her own!!! We are really lucky though as my best friend has a hug farm which is cut off from the rest of the village so during the Summer we spend a lot of time there and the girls go off together and walk to the dog and build dens and have adventures!! They feel free but it's actually enclosed enough for me to be relatively calm about it!!!! Hope they all had a fun day xx

  2. * a huge farm not a hug farm....although that would be lovely ;-) x

  3. aww bless, I know what you mean. I always, always remember a story from many years ago where a child was taken from their back garden whilst camping with her brothers . I can't imagine the horror, and although that was such a rare thing and has never been reported since, that one incident frightens the life out of me.



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