Saturday, 6 August 2011

Back to School

I thought if I wrote a post about back to school it might make the next few weeks move along a little !  Not that I haven't "enjoyed" having my little darlings home alone most of the summer holidays, but there really is a limit to how much you can entertain twin six year olds on a limited budget and without the use of a car.

Anyway, take a look at some of the great products I found from Independent Retailers.  No chance of them mixing up their bags, lunchboxes or stationery with this wonderful selection.

The Colouring bag is available from LeonandCoco  go take a peak, they have a great selection of handcrafted bags and backpacks all suitable for girls and boys to go back to school or nursery.

Cut down on the chance of loosing your pencil case at school. This great idea of a combined personalised pencil box and ruler lid should help. Available from GoodHeartGifts  they have a great selection of personalised items for back to school including lunchbags.

Gorgeous and affordable, PE, gym, ballet or you name it bags available from Missymoomoo  A wonderful selection of personalised and appliqued bags for boys and girls.

Seriously cool for when its cool ! How about this fantastic Lambswool pencil scarf ! Available from Saracarr

Looking for an ethical and reusable way to package their snacks ?  How about this great idea from Juicytots  the Ecosnackwrap.

If this coming school year means the start of school life for your child, take a look at this lovely Memory book.  Time really does fly once they start school. Store all their school firsts in one place.  Available from Copplestone and Brown

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  1. awwww thank you!!! What a wonderful blog you have and a lovely post above. I especially love the Herbie bag! hee hee

  2. Aww these are so great. I love the bag with the pencils in it. I cannot believe our holidays are almost over. We start back a wee on Wednesday, when my baby will be starting school :( x

  3. of course Susan, you finished earlier than us didn't you. Oh imagine little one going to school, aww how time flies. xx

  4. Love it all..
    especially the cute scarf, i want one for me ;D

  5. Thanks so much for including my pencil scarf on your great blog! :)

  6. Amazing finds, I think I'll check out those sellers pretty soon. My kids start school this year!



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