Thursday, 13 October 2011

Halloween in style

Looking for something different for your little ones this Halloween, don't have the time to make an amazing outfit ?  Not inspired by the cheap mass produced items on offer by the supermarkets ?  Take a peak at these lovelies all available from independent retailers.

Fab baby/toddler girl Skull & crossbones appliqued onesie, red or black pettiskirt, stripy leggings all available from All About The Boys (no longer available in online store, leave comment for details)

Sooooo Cute !  baby bumble bee hat available from Saidonia  UK Seller on Etsy

What little boys doesn't want to be a dinosaur !  ROAR!  Available from MaukyJo

Stunning Moishe Monster costume from Where the Wild Things are !  Probably out of the price range for most of us, but a totally wonderful example of the work and creativity of Independent business owners.  Available from ElleIndustries


  1. Oh Karen I was just about to tweet if anyone knew of any non itchy Halloween outfits and here you are ;) milly won't wear last years sainsbos number as it's to itchy ;) please tell me u have one in her size, she is two and a half but rather dinky xx

  2. Ps...That where the wild things are piece is almost art , Love it! wish I had a few millions in the bank, only then could u justify 125.00 on a Halloween outfit for a toddler ;)

  3. I love the little girl outfits! Can I have details please? xx

  4. I so love these. I LOVE Halloween. x

  5. Hi Helen & Emma, thank you for your interest lovelies xx Tweeted you details. Only have 9 or 12 months left I'm afraid. Skirt would fit upto 2 yrs easy though as it has elasticated waist, same for leg warmers. Onsie has stretch but probably only upto 18 months. Selling for £15 the set ! BARGAIN ! xxx

  6. Susan, thank you so much for your lovely comment. xxx Role on Halloween, don't know what I am going to dress the boys in .

  7. Gorgeous outfits! Love the skirt and tights combo

  8. Hi Mum of all trades, if you know anybody with 9/12 month olds I still have a couple left : ) xx



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