Friday, 7 October 2011

Where's Mummy ?

Where's Mummy ?  I want my breakfast !
Where's Mummy?  I need some socks!
Where's Mummy?  I want a drink!
Where's Mummy? I've no clean shirts!
Where's Mummy? There's no toilet paper!
Where's Mummy?  I've overslept!
Where's Mummy? The hot water's not working!
Where's Mummy? There's nothing to eat !
Where's Mummy ? I need a lift!
Where's Mummy ?  I can't find my teddy!
Where's Mummy ? What's for tea !
Where's Mummy ? my uniform's dirty !
Where's Mummy!!!!

She's sick in bed

and nobody noticed ............


  1. Aww huge big hugs and hope you are feeling better x

  2. Awww, hope your feeling better lovely x

  3. Thanks ladies, feeling a lot better today, hate these silly colds. Completely wipe me out these days don't seem to have any resistance.

    Wouldn't mind a little TLC though : ( xx

  4. you deserve all the TLC sort them out, refuse to wash, iron and cook for them xxxx

  5. AW-hope you are feeling better.

    Come here and I will give you some TLC. :-)



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