Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Virtual Reality Life

From my first ever follower on twitter a couple of years ago, some people in my "real world" have scoffed and exclaimed that they "don't get" twitter or facebook and why would I spend my time typing conversations to strangers. 

I have always responded with comments about how interesting the people I talk to are, they are usually like minded, with similar interests or lifestyles, although not always and this adds to the interest for me.  I have come across such a range of people with all sorts of stories to tell, people I would otherwise never have met.

 "Ah yes, but you can't be real friends with them can you?".   I beg to differ, I went to my first Mumpreneur Conference with the lovely Harriet who I met via twitter.  We got on from the moment I climbed into her car at the services in Somerset, we chatted all the way to Birmingham with no feelings of self consciousness or awkward pauses.  Several of us from the West Country got together and created the Devon Coup, we meet up and go for lunch, attend parties and events and generally have a great time.  We are all different ages, backgrounds, both male and female and we all get on really well together. 

I've gone on to meet lots of the people I regularly chat to at both the Cybermummy conferences, at PR events and days out.  The majority of the people I have met were as lovely in the flesh as they were online and our friendships have flourished.

One friendship  I took to the next level was with the wonderful, inspiring Jen from Mum_TheMadHouse and her family, who came to Devon this weekend and spent three days with us.     Our families met at events in the past and her two boys are similar age to the twins.  Despite the awful weather we had a lovely time taking them to local attractions, we all mucked in together, there was no being on best behaviour and with similar attitudes towards life, husbands and children I can honestly say we had a lovely time.

All four boys working on becoming the next generation of Virtual Reality Real Lifers !

Not a great picture.  I may have had a glass or two of wine, hence the camera shudder effect.  They all ate my roast dinner though.

Never let it be said that spending time on twitter is wasting your life, I have had more fun, more laughs, some tears, lots of support and encouragement and best of all made the most amazing friends, had the best opportunities and am even starting to make a living.  All thanks to Twitter, blogging and Facebook.

Today the house is strangely quiet.  Role on December when we all meet up again at the Tots100 Christmas weekend at Butlins.


  1. I face the same comments daily as well!! I liken twitter to standing at the bus stop. I talk random nonsense on twitter as I would to people at the bus stop! I have also made some lovely friends as well - including you!!!!

    Love Sophie xx

  2. I have only been on twitter a short while and must confess to loving it. I have had the most diverse converstaions on there

  3. Awww I'm so glad that you guys had fun. I would never have thought that I would make such good friends via the Internet but I totally have. As you know as also caved in and found my man that way too.....yay for the Internet :-) xx

  4. Aww Sophie, I certainly count you amongst the special "real" friends I have made through twitter. Thank you for your comment lovely xxx

  5. What a great post. I think that unless people use twitter they don't really 'get it'. A lot of my friends and family just roll their eyes at the mere mention of it. I love it though x

  6. A lot of my IRL friends just don't 'get' Twitter either and yet, like you, I've met some great people, never felt awkward, always felt welcomed and, weirdly enough, Twitter and blogging has provided me with the the opportunity to meet people and go to places i never would with IRL people. Plus .. I got to meet you. My highlight of the year for sure! :) Glad you had fun this weekend - Jen is rather lovely.

  7. Aw, sounds like you had a great time and have made some lovely friends.

  8. I have lots of great friends through the internet! In fact, over the last few years I have moved around a lot and changed schools a bunch, and my internet friends have been the one constant in all that time. It's a much more relaxed style of friendship, I find - if someone isn't online, I just assume they're busy. If I don't see a real life friend for an unusual period of time, I worry they're avoiding me.

  9. what a lovely post, I have so many more internet friends and I agree you find people who have simular hobbies, intrests, parenting styles etc etc as you on the internet where as the people you meet in real life you are only meeting because of location not because your views and opinions are the same, anyway I LOVE the photo of the boys. :D

  10. Aww so pleased you all had a good time. Online friendships are the best. x

  11. Wow, thank you lovely ladies for taking the time to comment. I count myself lucky indeed to have met several of you and it really does make my heart sing to know that there are so many lovely people out there especially at a time when the World seems to be really struggling.
    Big Masssove hugs to you all xxx MWAH !

  12. I wonder sometimes whether I find everyone on twitter so lovely because they sound just like the voice in my head! However, I have met some real-life twitter folk and they do seem to be ok!
    As Sophie says, it is like having a little chat at a bus stop, and some of those that I've had are the funniest, interesting, baffling and informative - just like real life.

  13. Oh Karen, such a lovely post! Most people in so called "real life" either don't get Twitter or have no clue about my online life! The whole thing can make you sound quite bonkers to those who just don't get it but I'm with you. I've made so many amazing friends who understand me better and give me more support than my "real life" friends a lot of the time!

  14. So many fabulous friends made, including you. x

    I did nto realise the Tots100 Christmas thingy was at Butlins, I thought it was in London. doh! Missed out.

    Mich x

  15. We had a fantastic time, thank you Karen for being such a wonderful host. The boys can not await to see you all again, neither can I



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