Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Growing our own

We are finally nearing the end with the renovations on the house and have even started making plans for our garden.  Although not in a poor condition when we moved in, it has been left mainly as was, untouched or tended save for the occasional mowing of the "lawn" and trimming of bushes. 

We are lucky to have a lovely old apple tree and a lot of the bushes and shrubs look like they may well have been in residence since the original owners took occupancy of the house.  We are only the third family to have lived here.  There is evidence in the garden that there might have once been a greenhouse and a path to a back gate.  Neither now exist.

My dream is to clear out the bushes above to make room for us to have a shed next to the garage and then a greenhouse for growing vegetables and over wintering plants etc.  Of course this is just a dream at the moment.  Not much chance of us affording a shed or a greenhouse but until we can, we have made a start in a little corner of the garden ....

We will be planting tomatoes, peppers and hopefully potatoes soon.  Watch this space x

This is a sponsored post but it is about something we are actually doing with our home.


  1. Oh what fun, planning a garden is something I absolutely love doing, and it is so wonderful watching things that you have planted from seeds turn into actual edible delights.
    Good luck with your plans!

  2. Thanks sweetie. I have ambitious plans ! Hubby is a bit more traditional. We shall see : ) xx

  3. We have just installed some raised beds in our garden so we can start doing some veggies. We are just starting small as novices to all this. Have fun! Mich x

  4. Hi Mich, same with us. We are new to it all but had success with tomatoes from plants a twitter pal sent us last year so want to really make an effort. You never know we may even end up with chickens : )
    Good luck with yours xx

  5. i love having my own vegetables in the garden. and these are always the best vegetables :) its so nice to see the things growing in the garden. i have to do this soon also ^^

  6. Thanks for commenting Karly. I agree with you, getting really excited about all this. Must be my age : ) xx



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