Wednesday, 18 August 2010

To invest or not to invest ?

Like a lot of small businesses trying to decide what items I should risk investing in, takes up a lot of my time.  I have the best sellers : Ralph Lauren, Levi's and Ted Baker - all guaranteed to sell well.
I have my own small range Milly by the Sea  - which ticks over and then there are the ohhh! the lovely items that I would buy myself but am not sure if they would sell. 
Times are hard at the moment for many retailers.  I would love your thoughts on how you decide what to and what not to buy for your shop.

What do you think about these ....  I am seriously considering investing in them, but is the time ever right ?

Beautiful hand knitted buggy blanket & hat for babies & toddlers


  1. Personally I'm not keen on them but that's my own opnion. I am not a huge fan of buggy blankets anyway. Sorry I'm not the best one to ask on this one.

  2. Bless, thanks sweetie. Every opinion counts. Its a few years since I had babies so not sure if its what mummies are buying at the moment. Thank you for your comment it really does help xx

  3. I wouldn't personally go for them, partially not my taste, but also because I can knit, so I'd probably just make them myself.

    As we only sell our own stuff we don't have the same problem. However we are starting to look at which designs to say goodbye to. For reasons I don't understand some just aren't great sellers (I posted about this last week on my blog funnily enough). I think we're moving towards lower numbers, quicker changes, but it all takes time to implement.


  4. Hi Abi,
    Many thanks for your constructive comments. I will pop over and look at your blog.
    It really helps xx

  5. Hi hun, I cant knit for toffee, and I think they are brill!
    i love the mix of fabric and knit, but i guess its also is price dependant? Really do love them tho :) xxx

  6. Hello, I really like them but I love making things myself so would agree with Abi that I would have a go at making something similar rather than buy them. Now that I'm pregnant though I really can't be bothered to do much sewing/knitting at all...just want to eat and sleep, depending on price, would consider buying them.


  7. Speaking as a parent and not a shop owner it's not something I would have got any use out of with my little one. I can't tell properly from the photos but they don't look big enough as blankets. They are cute though. I reckon they'd sell but as gifts rather than parents buying stuff. Hope that helps a little!

  8. I love the green one, but don't like the mustard coloured one. My personal taste, but I think as a new mum, if I was given the mustard one, it would remind me too much of... too much get the drift! Lol.

    They are a bit 'retro' with the mix of colours and the patterns on the fabric, and whilst I love retro and vintage clothes, I don't think its something parents tend to dress their kids in.

    They're a nice idea, and look well made. Would be a good gift-set, but I think maybe you'd need to pick the colour schemes and fabrics carefully to appeal to as many as possible.

    Hope that helps a bit x

  9. Thank you so much for all your comments. They are really constructive and have really helped me.
    Karen xx

  10. I agree with a lot of the comments above, knitted blankets (esp with the material on the reverse) are really cool and handy (I have two that F wont let go of!) but I think I've seen better quality and bigger ones than these... I think you should deffo consider getting knitted blankets in stock...but maybe not these ones?? Hope that helps xxx

  11. I absolutely love baby blankets and I think these would be great for autumn, as they have two layers. Not keen on the colours though, quite niche I'd say.

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