Sunday, 13 March 2011

Galt Toys - Giveaway


Many thanks to all who took part in this fab giveaway.

The two winners picked by the twins are :


I will email or Tweet the winners.

More lovely giveaways soon xx

We were recently contacted by Galt Toys to se if we would be interested in reviewing some of their lovely products and of course I accepted, and asked if I could  have some items to giveaway.  The twins have been very lucky indeed since I started blogging.

Within days we received several sets of Paintastics painting by numbers but with no messy paints ! Woop, my kind of paint. 

Suitable for either boys or girls, the twins found these really easy to use, you just match up the number on the pen to the number on the picture and colour in with the "paint pen".  There are two nice quality pictures to paint complete with hooks on the back to hang if you wish.  It kept them occupied for about an hour or so.  Milo completed his picture (below) sadly, as is often the case, Jarvis lost interest and has yet to complete his.

At £4.99 each I think they are great value for money and would make lovely value presents for the endless stream of birthday parties that children of this age seem to get invited to.
 or maybe as a lovely personal present for Mummy for Mothers day !


To qualify for entry please just follow this blog either in google or by RSS Feed and  leave a comment below telling me what you buy your children's friends when they attend birthday parties.

If you tweet or facebook about this giveaway you will get an additional entry

Competition closes on Sunday 20th March 8pm

Sorry but open ony to UK Residents


Thank you and good luck xx


  1. What a great idea! Shannon loves Aquadraw and also the Crayola mess free coulouring stuff which are both of a similar idea!

    I love to give craft stuff for birthdays (depending on the child obviously), I think it is especially fun when you give something the parents have to participate in too... I love to sit with the kids and colour, paint, make!

    Shelley Bird - Facebook

  2. Love the no mess paints - what a great idea. I tend to buy either craft stuff, books or something for imaginative play depending on the age and interests of the child.

  3. My little niece would love this. I try and buy something suited to the particular child, but arts and crafts stuff is always something I keep in my present box. Always goes down well. Will tweet as well.

  4. Any arts & crafts with limited or no mess gets a big thumbs up from me. I tend to buy books, craft stuff but recently animal dressing up hat & tails from Roobub & Custard

    I have 1 boy and in less than 3 months due to deliver another little boy - pleased to have found something about boys and not pink stuff!

  5. I try to always buy a few bits and pieces in the sales that I keep in a box. When the kids need a present for a friend, they can choose one from my box :)
    Follow with GFC x

  6. Sounds awesome!! I love non-messy craft stuff!!! x

  7. ooh these look great. We have only been to one so far & I bought a littlest pet shop set. x

  8. Over the years I must have bought hundreds of Birthday Gifts, far to many to mention, usually related to whatever craze was about at the time. Now my boys are older they usually give or receive money, it gets harder to buy a gift the older they get.

  9. Please enter me. I follow via Google Friends. My friend's son had birthday last sunday. He received Hulk Gloves from me.

  10. I tweeted about competition @anna8301

  11. ELC sell easy painters which are ace, paint in a bottle with a sponge on the end - virtually mess free!
    I don't buy presents if I can help it, I usually have a box of my handmade delights from which the girls choose a suitable gift! I love it - something unique, no one else will have one, the child certainly won't be getting 2 of them. Buy handmade if you are spending money!

  12. I tend to buy books I follow on google.

    lovely idea and just the right price for party presents


  13. Love these. I remember the books I had as a child where you just got them wet and a picture emerged. My boys love to draw and I love the idea of no mess involved although I'm sure mine will find a way! I usually end up in ELC for birthday gifts as I like the idea of educational gifts.

  14. I follow your blog via google friends connect as Marzena

    Last month my sister's daughter had a birthday. I bought her a doll

    @marzutek on twitter

  15. Subscribed in GFC.

    I've set a limit of £5 per child as daughter attends 2 different nurseries making total of 30 kids to buy for! It's actually not all that easy to buy in that price range, but recently found a great cooking set with apron and cutters etc in Wilkinsons. They do a 'boys' and a 'girls' so I've stocked up on a few of them!

    RT'd too @missielizzieb

  16. They look great! I tend to buy crafty things for birthday parties for younger kids but if they are older they get a card and some money...I never know what to get older
    I follow via Google Friend Connect :)

  17. I have tweeted as @kimmer2111

  18. I tend to buy up lots of bits in the sales claires accesories often do 5 for £5 and with 2 girls we can always find something to have ready in the gift drawer especially for my eldest friends who are all twilight crazy. Tweeted on twitter @freyamae1

  19. I try to get art/craft items as presents as they are unisex and most children like them. I only spend £5 per child if it is a school friend, so these Paintastic kits sound ideal. My boys would love it.
    I am following on Google friend connect.

  20. I have tweeted as @joanneblunt

  21. I follow you. I tend to buy things in the accessories, jewellery, art sets and toys and always have a present ready when the invites arrive!! @wendymcd83

  22. I always try and buy something to keep them entertained, usually a sticker book or jigsaw or my latest love fuzzy felts they usually come in at about £5 and there is always something to suit all tastes.

    Following you on Google Connect :)

  23. Have tweeted abou the comp too @ellieca82



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