Sunday, 27 March 2011

The Twins Room

It's taken a while, but the twins finally have a room to be proud of.  It combines my love of light and bright but is also still boyish enough to please them.  As this house only had three bedroom, we decided to give the twins the biggest room.  We knew as they grew they would inevitably need the extra room to have a sense of their own space.

These pictures show their room the day we moved in.

When I look at the above photo's I wonder how on earth we coped.  Every room was full to bursting with our stuff, we had six month old twins and a 10 yr old who sulked and hated the house not understanding why we had left our previous large, beautiful home for this filthy house !  My The White Approach  blog shows how we are slowly transforming our home.

This is how their room looks now :

The view through through the twins bedroom door into their room.  The blue cupboard is the one you see in the first photograph.  I will feature this room on the White approach blog at some point detailing how my husband did all the work.

On the wall where the fireplace was my husband build floor to ceiling storage shelves

My husband also made the wooden letters that spell out the twins names

The twins "reading Corner"  bookcase made by daddy and cushions an absolute steal from Primark. Blinds and chairs from IKEA

New white bunk beds from Ebay, wonderful luxury childrens red and white gingham bedding generously given to me by my sponsor Mel who owns babou and a makeover for an old chest of drawers, along with a fantastic vinyl sticker clock from the wonderful Etsy seller chocovenyl complete the look.


  1. Oh Karen, the boys bedroom is gorgeous, once again you show what an eye you have for interior design...You're in the wrong job you know! x

  2. Thank you Carole, we are really pleased with how it has turned out. I am just about to enter a home design competition which could offer work if successful !! eeek! fingers crossed xx

  3. Looks lovely i love the little wicker chairs theyre fab :)

  4. Miss Daisy, thank you. They were a steal, we got them on Family day at IKEA for only £10 each ! xx The boys love them.

  5. Wow wow wow the room is truly stunning. Great job sweetie x

  6. Stunning, a credit to you and your husband. Decorating your home when you have young children requires a lot of organisation and dedication. I'd hire you (if you were an interior designer, and I could afford it!)

  7. Hi Susan, hope you are getting better sweetie. Thank you for your lovely comment xx

  8. Lucewoman, thank you for the lovely comment. If I was an interior designer I would charge affordable rates. We know how hard it is. Everything we do is on a very tight budget xx

  9. It looks so lovely! I especially like the reading corner! xx

  10. What a beautiful room - bet your boys love it. I love the lettering on the walls, what a talented husband you have.

  11. The room looks completely altered, it's fantastic and so light and bright - just the thing for a boys' bedroom! :-) I love the lettering on the walls matching the cupboards and the cushions in the reading corner are fab!

    Jem xXx

  12. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments. I am really lucky to have such a talented hubby who does as he is told ; ) xx

  13. Gorgeous! Love that the room can 'grow up' with them. We also tend to buy furniture that suits the feel of the house rather than being childish and needing to be replaced quickly.
    Love the reading corner!

  14. I love it! You have done such a great job!

    Love the colour of the cupboards (I used a v similar colour in my eldest son's nursery nearly 14 years ago), love the chairs and the book displays and...everything!

    Nice one :)



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