Friday, 11 March 2011

Its all about ME ! ME!

I was intrigued by the subject of  a tweet today from Mich of Mummy from the Heart   where I was tagged in  " a positive and uplifting MEME ", the subject of which was to ask people to leave a comment with one positive word that they though described me. 

I have never had problem seeing the good  in other people but to ask for positive comments about myself ?  How very un - Me ! 

Michelle's reason for choosing me was a  revelation in itself -  "because it always appears to me as if Karen is as hard on herself as I am on me and frankly she needs a break from it and to hear how great she is"

I would hate to think that people think I am always putting myself down, how boring is that !  It is not a conscious thing.  It is though, certainly a confidence thing.  That  saying of "put yourself down before somebody else does "  I have never been good at accepting a compliment and nearly always reply to one with a negative about myself.  I have learnt to recognise this as I have got older and have made a big effort to accept compliments when they are given.  At the root of it all is certainly low self esteem.
I remember vividly an incident when I first joined the Army, we were being taught how to use identification kits, where you have to select parts of the face from images in a book and make up an identikit.  I was sat next to a boy (we were both about 17 at the time)  after selecting our images, eyes, nose, ears etc that we felt best described the person next to us we had to explain our choices to the class.  The lad, my partner, set about describing me and when he got to the nose he said I had a bulbous nose, the whole class sniggered .  I was devastated, never forgot that and spent the rest of my life hating my face and my nose and being totally self conscious.  This I know resulted in people saying I was "stuck up, and stand offish"  but I was in fact paralysed with shyness and constantly wondering if  everyone who looked at me saw my "bulbous" nose. 
I have never been able to "see" what other people see, except for in recent years when looking back at photographs of myself as a younger woman and seeing how fab I actually looked.  I spend a great deal of time trying to make my children be "kind" "caring" "to think about others" Its the best gift you can give to your children kindness and a good word costs nothing.
As my mother says " If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all"

So go on ..... Knock me out with your great one word comments about how fab I am !  (OMG, What if nobody comments..... )
I would like to tag these great people in Michelle's fab MEME :
Helen from icklebabe_com   -  Because she has a lot to deal with an doesn't show it.
Harriett from @Seasparkle_x  -  Because she needs to know she's a pretty cool lady, even though she thinks people ignore her.
Emma from Adventuresofanenglishmum   Because I remember only too well, how hard it can be to be a single mum and how you constantly doubt yourself when bringing up your child.
Lisa from babynotincluded - Because she has a new(ish) baby girl after a 10 yr gap (same as my children) and I KNOW how hard that can be.
Katheryn from Crystaljigsaw  because she is a fab lady, with a very special daughter and she received a bit of a blog bashing recently (and her blog Marvellous Mable will scare the pants off you )


  1. Oooooo can I give you two words that I always have in my mind when I think about you???



    Thanks for tagging me too hunny ;-) xxx

  2. This is gonna sound weird, considering what you wrote, but as you say you can't always see what other people see.. Okay can't do one word so here are a few that always pop into my mind when I see your little twitter icon come up on my screen : ) xxx
    Confident, wise, intelegent, warm, buetiful, courageous, honest, and my friend . Xxxx and thanku lots for passing it on, I have the same fears tho.... What if no- body comments eek! What are we like! ;) xxx

  3. Oh and funny very funny! You are always making me smile :) x sorry no good at one word answers... I am a rambler ;) xxxx

  4. Helen, you make me die, you will make Michelle cross. Supposed to only be one word HaHA! But thank you so much, this is a weird post xx

  5. Hmm I am having trouble with one word too! *cross face at myself!* lol

    Think it has to be - Loving

    Mich x

  6. I have loved reading this post and can identify with how you feel about yourself! I used to hate having photo's taken of me. I was so self conscious but now living 400 miles away from some of my best friend I have found it's more important to have memories that I can look at and say didn't we have fun together. I'm now beginning to look at myself and say do you know I look ok in that pic. I'm having fun and it shows!

    So one word to describe you....this is so difficult! But the word that comes to me is Visionary but I feel like I need to explain it! Its the way you look at objects around you, How you decorate your house, clothe your kids and maybe your ideals ( I don't know you well enough to know that) But i do want to echo icklebabe with Warm! I always enjoy reading your posts and they make me feel warm too :-)

    So Dear Karen...enjoy this! The lovely things people say about you and allow yourself to grow in physical height as you are lifted up by your friends!


  7. Teri, Now look, I thought Helen was bad from @icklebabe_com its supposed to be one word. Bless you, such a wonderful comment. I must admit to feeling very unsure about this one, I can see why Michelle has done it and she is soooo right, but I think we all have a problem (being British) asking for praise. I really, really appreciate your comment and thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

  8. Ohh I am loving your comment Teri. Mich x

  9. Superb!

    I was going to say stylish, but was beaten to that one, but it's not just your style that makes you wonderful. x

  10. Maybe this is not such a bad idea after all ! Ha! Thank you all so much for your kind comments xx

  11. Ok so I'm thinking back to when I met you, and the word that popped into my head without having spoken to you was.....


    and then having chatted away to you, would be.....


  12. aww, thank you Lisa, Its a really difficult post for me. (don't think any of us feel comfortable "asking" for compliments but can so see why Michelle would do it)
    Please don't feel you have to take part if its not for you xx

  13. My first visit here I think - glad to have found you via this meme.

    Obviously difficult for me to comment but looking at your blog I'd say stylish

  14. Talented, stylish, classy, smart, warm, friendly....just lovely!!! Sorry I too am no good at one word answers :-) x

  15. What a great post. I think White is the word I would use for you. As well as lovely, beautiful and friendly. x


  17. aww thanks guys for the great comments still coming in . "blushes"
    Simone11 - think you linked to the wrong post sweetie : ) xx

  18. Just popped back to see what other comments you got and to say thank you for my comment on my blog (blogger didn't tell me I had one so I've just found it!) I hope you are feeling all encouraged and warm and fuzzy now from all the lovely comments! I think this should be one of those things when you tag other people because as you said it is hard to just ask for compliments but if you have to cos someone tagged then that would be acceptable! Anyway enjoy basking in the lovely (not) one word descriptions! :-)xxx



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