Monday, 11 July 2011

Childrens Globe Puzzle Ball - Toyologist Review

My immediate thought when I saw this box was "oh, no not a puzzle" we are not known in our home for our patience when it comes to assembling hundreds of puzzle pieces.

Enter MILO !

Just watch him go..... At 6 yrs old I am pretty impressed with not only his paitence but also his ability to construct this puzzle.

Made from durable plastic pieces all of which are sequence numbered including a directional arrow to help you assemble, our view is this is a pretty cool toy!

Whilst I filmed and Milo assembled, we chatted about Oceans, Countries, where Grandpa comes from (New Zealand) , where we live (England, just in case you were wondering), where camels live, where is hottest, where is coldest, where Father Christmas lives and much, much more.

No batteries required - MASSIVE DOUBLE YAY !

Suitable for Ages 8 plus on the box - Milo all but completed the whole thing on his own at age 6 (daddy helped at the very end, as we could see disaster looming with the final few pieces)

Number of people to complete - One but any number could join in if you wanted and we all got involved talking about what was on the globe.

Price Affordable £19.99 - yay   Buy it here  ToysRus


  1. I must remember that one for (whispers) christmas.

  2. oooh, nooooo ! Not the "C" word in July ! xx

  3. Yay! We loved this too although maybe me more than Chick ahem!!! xx

  4. Hello lovely, lol, I know what you mean, its a great idea and I am not one for jigsaws normally. Luckily Milo really liked sorting out the pieces and putting it together . xx

  5. What an amazing video, I loved the review. My 2 year old has just watched it with me saying 'I do it too mummy' LOL x

  6. hi gidders1 aww bless, thank you. It was really interesting to watch him concentrating so much on it. Really great that it also spins once fully assembled. The boys love looking at it.



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