Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Independents day

It's been a busy few months for my businesses and personal life but I have finally found some time to sit down and get back to supporting hard working independent businesses.  I've come up with a new badge (hope you like it) and would really like to start a regular feature to showcase all that is great about British independent companies. 

It's just an idea, but how about we have just one day a month where we blog and tweet about our own and other independent businesses.  They can be new or established. Retail, artists, crafters, business advisers, counsellors any kind of business at all as long as it is independent.

I firmly believe that hard working and often overlooked independent retailers will come into their own during these tough times.  Many of us know only too well what it takes to survive.  We know how to adapt and develop, how to look for opportunities and how to move our businesses forward, often whilst also supporting our families and with very little or no support from the banks or financial institutions.

Let's celebrate our greatness, lets have Independents Day !

I  am going to write a blog post on Wednesday 29th February I've chosen the leap year date because it's unique, special and is reason for celebration, just like all Independent businesses. 

Before that, I would love you to comment below with a link to your (or another ) independent business and I will feature a selection of them Next Wednesday to kick of the Independents Day campaign. 

 It would be great if you have your own blog if you wrote a post showcasing companies that you love and linking back to this post.  That way we can spread the links around and hopefully draw attention to lots of companies that people might like to take a look at and hopefully buy from or support.

You don't have to be an independent business to take part, infact it would be amazing to receive support from anybody.  It can be a lonely and insecure place running your own business, to receive acknowledgement that you are doing a good job makes such a difference. 

If you are on twitter and want to tweet about it please use the hashtag #independentsday 

I'll have a badge for you to next week if you think its cool enough to pop on your site to show your support.

Thank you



  1. What a fantastic idea, i am trying my best to only use independants rather than the big chains. I will put my thinking cap on for a blog post to link up.

  2. Thank you Catherine look forwar to it xx

  3. Great idea. I will do a post tonight in preparation for the 29th. But until then let me introduce Little Stomper to you. My shoe shop for little legged people which I launched in November. The address is http://litttestomper.co.uk xx

  4. Thank you so much Claire, oh will take a peak at Little Stomper, fantastic name. xx

  5. This is such a fabulous idea! This year, my plan is to buy all my gifts etc from independent shops and what better way to find them all!
    I have a small business called Minor Edition where, I sell dresses that I design. The website is www.minoredition.co.uk I have recently started offering wholesale to independent stockists as well.

    I have finally got a new laptop after 2 months without one and I will celebrate it by rejuvinating my blog. Now I know what topic to write about.
    Thanks karen once again for this opportunity to link up
    Ipshita @minor_edition

  6. Thank you Ipshita. I don't know how you coped for TWO months without a laptop. Hope Bubble was a huge success for you, you deserve it with all your hard work xx

  7. What a fantastic idea - I run Littlesheep Learning http://www.littlesheep-learning.co.uk and I'll join you on 29th February blogging about my favourite independent businesses.

  8. Hi Elain, Thanks for taking the time to comment and look forward to you joining in on the 29th. Hopefully we can make a bit of noise to get people supporting us. xx

  9. Hi Karen what a wonderful idea..... Crafts4kids.co.uk will definately join in on the 29 Feb. We started our business 5 years ago knowing very little about ecommerce but feeling passionate about creating an offering of contemporary & charming creative & educational toys, games and gifts and making this offering available to parents,grandparents wherever they lived. Good toy shops were disappearing from the high street and this type of niche offering was available to so few. We are very proud of our product range and even more proud of the customer service we offer.
    Great initiative I hope you get loads of support Fiona x

  10. Hi Fiona, thank you so much for taking the time to comment and for joining in. I will take a look at your shop. I think if we don't help each other nobody else out there will xx

  11. Stonkingly good idea mrs!!! I'd love to get a mention obvs ;) and I will defo defo take part and post for it too. Love the badge ;) independents Rock!!! Xxx

  12. I just love the idea of Independents day. I do think that any recovery on the high street will come from independents.

  13. We support the independents by having no minimum order and not forcing full case quantities on our smaller independents. Please pass the word as we would like to have more independents retailers for our range for children gifts.

  14. I have recently revamped my website to include my own shop, rather than being hosted on Folksy and Etsy and I am in the process of adding a 'links' page to independents who I love. There are loads of fab shops around and people should be celebrating the unique and wonderful things that they offer. I'll blog tomorrow. My web site is www.nicsknots.co.uk

  15. Great idea Karen, we offer Family Farm holidays in Cornwall on our lovely farm and are very much family run. I like to help related independent businesses and mummy bloggers too with my free advertising space on my blog. Do add yourself if not already there. http://www.coombemill.com/blog/

  16. What a fabulous idea - really look forward to reading the post in the next edition of Love All Blogs as well!



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