Saturday, 11 February 2012

Have you missed me ?


Nope, thought not.

You didn't even notice I wasn't on twitter did you ?

Having spent the best part of the last two years glued to twitter every day almost without fail.  I felt at first as if my arm had been cut off last week when our Internet service went down.  I do have my mother's old blackberry but to be honest trying to tweet and use the Internet was more trouble than it was worth.

Twitter and facebook have become as much a part of my daily routine as getting out of bed in the morning.  I was bereft at first, how I would manage without it,  it would be like giving up wine,  Heaven forbid!

People would miss me.  They would wonder why I wasn't replying to them. 

I got a shock.  Not one tweet to me all week .

Guess you are not as popular as you thought you were Karen ! 

Puts things in perspective doesn't it ! 

At first I was hurt, then a bit huffy and then "oh well, never mind" and got on with living in the real world.

When I first started using twitter I had to follow lots of people, I would actively engage as many people as I could. Leaving responses to their tweets, hoping somebody would reply and soon they did.  Then two way conversations began. Very quickly I found that if I tweeted, people would respond, then people followed ME !  I had arrived.

Maybe I got complacent.  I try very hard to follow my twitter stream, commenting and responding and I hope tweeting people just because I am thinking about them.  But how often do people actually tweet you without being first prompted ?

Over the last few years I have used twitter as a source of inspiration, for business, for support, to support, made amazing friendships that have gone on to become real life friendships. made amazing friendships that remain amazing online friendships.   Seen news breaking as it happened, been involved in fab campaigns.  Witnessed all sorts of fights and falling outs.  Come across some seriously nasty people who know how to use twitter and contentious issues to to manipulate traffic to their blogs.

So now I have my Internet back, will twitter ever be the same again ?

Probably not.


  1. I missed you, I even e-mailed you to say I wondered where you were, but then if your internet was down, that was as much use as a chocolate teapot!

  2. Well I for one have missed you. I miss the days when all us old Twitter lot would have a good gossip I really do. You, Helen and Susan were my first proper Twitter pals. The good old days, eh? I think Twitter for me has become quite 'noisy' lately and when you only pop on for a quick hello it's so easy to miss your old chums. I am definitely guilty of just diving in and talking to who has popped up on my timeline but this post has made me realise that I should initiate more hellos too and not just get swept up in the noise. Big hugs xx

  3. Thanks for the comments Jen and Mostly xx
    I think I have probably moved onto a new phase in my life.
    Will be back to tweeting but with much less fervour in the future I think.
    Thanks special ladies xxx

  4. I didn't miss you because I was also without internet access this week. I spilt a cup of tea onto my laptop (naughty!) and it didn't work for about 4 days, and even now it's playing up a bit. But I wasn't on twitter and fb and nobody noticed! I have used twitter less in the last few weeks though, it's so time consuming.

  5. awww Notsupermum : ( sorry to hear about your laptop, hope you get it sorted soon. Yes, think I am a bit up myself expecting people to miss me ; ) I am with you and am def going to cut down on it. Think the honeymoon is over, best leave it to the new kids or those using it when they are being paid to work for somebody else ha! xxx Hope you and yours are all well xxx

  6. I have found this as well - I think it is purely because things are moving so fast???? I find it very difficult to keep up and if I am only coming on for 10 minute bursts at a time, I am only seeing 2% of my time line.......

    I have always found twitter to be a bit like waiting for a bus - polite, random conversation with many, a few stronger friendships and one or 2 real life friendships built up over time...

    I would have missed you at some point when I realised you hadn't been on my timeline for a while!!!!!

    Lots Love

    S.A.M xx

  7. Aww honey I missed you. I'm not on as much when at work as super busy just now so wasn't sure if you'd been on and I didn't see. I was thinking about you when I decided to see The Woman in Black after you recommendation about it. I always love chatting to you on Twitter and can call you a real friend in real life too :) xxx

  8. Hi lovely, 
    just playing catch up on your blog. Feel awful now, I didn't notice your absence AND I'm late getting here too! How awful, I know how you feel about being let down, I've felt let down a bit by the whole twitter thing lately. I agree with lovely mostly yummy , it used to be so so different ( and have said as much on her recent post) . I feel like we never *see* each other anymore, I have been battling with an illness, you have been battling with 3 businesses and lovely yummy has her book to write. 
    In fairness I often leave you messages on your tweets, as way of catching up. I often play catch up on your feed too. 
    Maybe we should all arrange a twitter catch up one day a week, like real pals going out for coffee? I would honestly be  heart broken if I lost your friendship  Karen, and hope this experience and us letting u down slightly will not mean an end to your tweets. Xxx 

    1. Helen take no notice of me I was feeling sorry for myself. You have far more important things to think about than selfish old me.

      I think a regular twitter catch up would be smashing, we must sort something next week when the children go back to school.

      What's this about a book Sarah is writing ??? How exciting xxx

      Love you lady and take no notice of silly old me xxxx

  9. Replies
    1. Aw thank you. Feel such a plonker when I read this post now. Am leaving it there as a reminder not to be so up myself xx



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