Friday, 17 February 2012

Back to the Future

I don't often read my old blog posts but this one caught my eye today Who would you put on the naughty step  and I have to admit it still makes me cry.  It also made me see how far I have come since I wrote the post, and got me thinking there are many, many wonderful bloggers out there who write great posts, most of them seen by a fraction of readers and many of which could help, inspire or motivate people. 

Like this one from my amazing "virtual friend" Helen Waving a little goodbye   I think most of us can understand where Helen is coming from in this post and now nearly a year later, if you follow Helen, maybe we now know some of what was behind this post.  Her blog is beautiful, whimsical and full of too die for images. 

Or this post from a lady I have been lucky enough to actually meet and somebody I greatly admire Scottish mum  who writes about respite care for her child. A subject very close to my own heart.  I have a severely disabled brother and know only to well how it feels to be screaming inside for support and not getting it.  My mother suffers every day.

One of the first blogs I read was by Emily from More Than Just A Mother .  I will forever remember that SHE actually approached ME at the ToysRus event and said "hello Karen" (she knows my name) .  To this day I still fall about laughing at this post Silly Moffa

So how about we dig out those old blog posts that made us laugh, cry, inspired us, motivated us or just about had any kind of effect on us.  Write a post including one of your own and two posts written by other bloggers which have affected you in some way.

Can I  just ask :

All posts are older than one month.

You include a  link back to this post in your blog post.

You leave a comment below so we know which blogs to pop over and read.

Hopefully people will think its worth writing a post about.  I'm looking forward to discovering lots more hidden gems to read.


  1. Oh hun, im so touched! thanku so much for the lovely mention.
    I remember your naughty step post made me cry too, sometimes blogs are more than just surface posts, its great when we get to write something that touches others and helps us too.
    You are one special lady, and a really great friend xxxx

  2. oh and in ;) will pen a post today ;) xxxxxx

    1. Thank you sweetie, would be nice if people thought it was a good idea. If not I might just keep it up by myself each month ! haha! xxx

  3. My darling daughter, we have had our up and downs and moments of truth which sometime hurt either side very much, but our love and admiration for each other at how we get knocked down and then rise again to live and inspire others each day shows our strengths. All you have been through over these last 10 years has truly amazed me, each day your strength seems to get stronger, people may at times find you sharp, but that is because your tolerance for those who cannot see beyond the day have never worn your tee shirt and been in your shoes. They cannot begin to understand how you have survived and smiled even though at times your heart has been breaking. ALL I CAN SAY IS I LOVE YOU AND WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU. MOM XXXXX

    1. Mother ! bless. Thank you for these wonderful words. Not sure this post is the place to write them though . Love you xxxx




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