Friday, 18 February 2011

High Street Hop

Always on the lookout for value for money and quality when buying clothes for myself and my family, you won't often see me buying items at the actual retail price.  I either wait until the sales, shop on Ebay, TK Maxx or Outlets.  Every now and again I come across an item of clothing whilst browsing the high street which is both  quality and a great price. 

These days more and more families are becoming aware that money spent on clothing has to be a considered purchase and not an impluse buy.  Here are a couple of items I found this week which persuaded me to part with my cash.

H & M - Boys Jeans £5.99 classic style with adjustable elasticated waist inside. Slim style.  These lovely jeans feel and look like quality, they fit really nice and both twins look lovely in them.  I couldn't believe the price when I picked them up.  I can't recommend them highly enough.

This lovely cardigan (well have to buy myself something sometimes)  is right up my street, I have always loved the nautical trend.  It returns year after year is a classic.  You only have to think Coco Chanel to see how far back this trend goes.  Its another reason I love stripes, you can invest in classic navy and white or red and white stripes and know that this time next year it won't be out dated or fussy. 

Cream with red stripes, a lovely weight and not at all cheap looking or feeling, (the stripes on the sleeves even match up to the stripes running acroos the body of the cardigan - small detail but adds to the quality look of an item)  infact its better quality than several "designer" items I have in my wardrobe that I paid much more for.  It cost £7 from Primark ! 

 I first discovered Primark over 30 years ago whilst serving in Northern Ireland and remember back then how amazed I was at the prices of the clothes.  These days Primark are going to great lengths to assure us that their items are all made under strict Ethical guidelines   which makes me more confident, when spending just £1 on a vest !

Want to share your great quality and value buys ?  Leave a comment and if we get enough interest we can set up a regular blog or link hop .



  1. Great idea Karen I love the cardi. I got a dress for Mia the other day which was really lovely from Tesco will get back to you with the info.

  2. H&M have some really great priced clothes and those jeans look fab. Good to know that they have the elastic bits inside too as a mummy to four skinny minnies who can't keep their jeans up!
    And that cardigan is just gorgeous! I can't believe that is a Primark find! Love it! x

  3. Hi Susie,
    Many thanks for the comment. I have a lovely navy and white spot dress from tesco. Looks really good on.

  4. Awww ! Yummy, can just imagine your skinny winnies I have one too : ) Really impressed with these jeans, don't always go much on H & M often lots of cheap, badly made stuff but these are fantastic, I'm going back to buy a few more pairs in bigger sizes on Saturday xx

  5. Hi Karen, loving your latest finds!

    I purchased a fleece lined cagoule for my 10 year old in Peacocks recently for just £9 great to have in during the coming spring months when it's not cold enough for a 'Big' coat but you need something just in case of a shower. He loves it and it looks great on. It's not skimpy either so will also do him in autumn leading up to the winter months.

  6. Oooh they are both good buys! We buy a lot of Chick's basics from Primarni :-) xx

  7. I love the London bus embroidered it's beautiful, it looks so comfy, have RT from @misskatietweet



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