Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Stella McCartney - LOVE ! but £49 for a set of underpants!

I really like some of the new Spring/Summer collection from Stella McCartney, these boys underpants included,  but seriously ! £49 for a set of underpants!    Please do let me know if you actually buy them.

The website itself is great, Its a nice touch the way the images of the children change when you move the mouse across them.  The Lookbook for the Spring/Summer collection has some delicious looking pieces, but I suspect they will be way beyond the purse of many struggling families these days. Still nice to look at.

Some of my favourite pieces from the First Collection :

Boys Otto waterproof parker £72

below - Ted long sleeved printed babies sweater reasonably priced at £35

Girls Ziggy denim pant skirt with star yolks £44 !


  1. No I'm afraid my boys have to make do with Primark Undies.

    I love the Parka too it's gorgeous!

    Would be lovely to be able to splash out on something from the website...we can dream though can't we :-) x

  2. They have a sale coming at the weekend, but think I'll stick to RL : )
    I'm with you on the Primark undies xx

  3. There is some lovely stuff there and whilst I would pay for some of it I don't spend that much on my own underwear so I wouldn't for Chick ;-)

  4. Phew, thank goodness I have a daughter so I don't get tempted to spend such a rediculous amount of money on underwear!! it is rather cute!

  5. Hi Emma, Me either, back in the day I spent stupid amounts of money on underwear for myself. Cough! No need to impress anymore (doubt it would be noticed anyway ) xxx

  6. Thank you Photopuddle, totally agree, but its not like you get to see it ??? I was amazed. Its £7 a pair ! Is it me ! xx



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