Thursday, 24 February 2011

Today we had good news, so why am I sad ?

Today we had some good news! Actually, not good news, GREAT news.  My husband found out he was not on the list to be made redundant!  In fact, he was offered regular overtime !

After the initial wave of relief I was actually just a teeny, tiny bit disappointed. 

You see, while we were waiting to hear about the redundancies, we were coming up with all sorts of plans for what we would do if he got the chop.  We have learned over the years how to survive on very little, without resorting to income support.  We knew we would manage again.  At 50 it is unlikely that he would have been able to get another "paid" job.  We know from experience in the past how hard that one is.

We thought we might have a go at buying, restoring and selling shabby chic style furniture and accessories.  I was quite looking forward to spending my days with my husband.  We work well as a team, I waited a long time for the right man to come along and who would know it, that my first love whose heart I broke at 17 would walk back into my life 25 years later. 

We have been through a lot of pain together, stuff that would break many marriages apart but we are still here, he supported me when I came home crying every day over a job I hated, actively encouraged me to set up my own little business and has never once told me I should get "a proper" job.  He always has positive things to say when I make mistakes or am doubting myself, and all the time working himself  12 hour shifts in a job that is way below his capabilities, but which brings us a regular income.

Looks like I will have to hold onto my little dream a while longer.

This is for you my love


  1. Oh my lord you have given me shivers, such a beautiful post hun. Its such a shame you cant follow your dream business together. I did something similar with my Dad for years (him restoring things, me painting)and it was such a great journey. Maybe in your very tiny amount of spare time? and if it grows, he can give up his job and follow u into shabby chic bliss XXXX

  2. Thank you Helen. How wonderful that you got to work with your dad in such a wonderful way. I am sure our time will come. We have time still xxx

  3. I always think things happen for a reason Karen, It's just not the right time. You still have your dreams and one day I'm sure they'll come true! ♥

  4. Awww bless. What a lovely post. It's so sweet that you two are so in love. As Carole said it's probably just not the right time! Hugs xxx

  5. Aww that is beautiful. You have a great connection and a beautiful love for one another. I'm glad he's getting to keep his job, but maybe you can still follow your dream. In your spare time and who know it might grow bigger than you could ever imagine. hugs honey xx

  6. Carole & Emma,
    Thank you both, yes I am truly a believer in things happening for a reason. and when the time is right ..... xxx

  7. Susan, bless, you make it sound so wonderful : ) its certainly not all hearts and roses but I am very very lucky to have such a gentle, kind man.
    What is this "SPARE TIME" you talk of ?? hehehe xxx

  8. Great news that he isn't being made redundant but I understand your disappointment but as you say it's dream put on hold for now which means you can still enjoy the dreaming! :-)And it's a great dream!

    I am inspired by your love story too! Very lovely to hear! It's very inspiring to hear of people (like my parents) who have made it through the kind of adversity that breaks marriages up and not just survive but come out stronger!


  9. That is so sweet!! You have waited this long it wont hurt to wait a little longer.. Destiny has a funny way of making you achieve other things along the way. I am so glad you had some good news though :0)

    Shelley Bird x

  10. Teri, thank you so much for your lovely words. I was very lucky to find hubby again after so long. Sometimes I do wonder how our lives would have gone had we stayed together in the first place.

  11. Hi Shelley,
    Many thanks for your comment. I agree, I feel a bit ungrateful for feeling this way when so many are struggling. I suppose it was just a dream ,like "if we in the lotto" type thing. But yes, hopefully in years to come when the boys are older we can make a start xx

  12. I can understand this. My hubby and I are close to loosing our jobs and although it's terrifying there are things that would change for the better. Hugs.

  13. Kara, much love. I hope it works out how you would wish it to xx

  14. I echo what Helen said, it sent a shiver down my spine. I think it's fantastic that you remain positive even when the situation would send most of us into despair. Hugs

    Lisa x

  15. Thank you Lisa, don't think I don't have my moments, I certainly do. But I have learn't it doesn't change anything whether you cry or laugh so why not try to be cheerful about it ? xxx

  16. ohh Karen that is lovely and what a nice hubbie he seems too! I could quite easily have taken him home with me when we were in London...

    One day you will do your furniture together.

    Mich x

  17. Michelle, well and you a good christian lady too : ) xx



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