Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Kristina Calco

Whilst Looking for Rachel Ashwell fabric yesterday I came across a store selling the most beautiful shabby fabrics.  When I clicked on the site I could never have been prepared for what I was about to read. 

A terrible, shockingly sad story about a child's death and a mother's loss.  If you have children (and even if you don't) I ask you to take a few minutes to read this deeply moving account of Kristina, her life and why she ultimately died.   I was shocked to the core that such a beautiful, bright girl could take her own life at just 15 years old.  I have 3 sons, my eldest is 15 and has recently had "issues" of his own.  He is deeply sensitive and cries easily, something I find very distressing to see.  I always talk to him, cuddle him and reassure. But how do you ultimately protect your children from others and their own demons ........

Please take 5 minutes to read Kristina's story and pass it on to anyone you think might have children with similar issues.  If it strikes a chord with just one person a life may be saved.

Kristina's Mother Michelle gave me full permission to post .


  1. God how awful, having gone through our issues I only hope you and my grandchildren feel they can be reassured by my love and support for you all.
    always your Mother.xxxx

  2. This is awful. Sad, tragic and so frustrating that children don't have the life experience to realise that more good stuff is still to come.

  3. Thank you for commenting Susan and Anonymous. I was so, so shocked when I read this story I just had to bring more attention to it. My son worries me when he gets soo upset of what I consider "trivia" its a lesson to us all. : (

  4. Hi Michelloui
    You are so right, if only they could get a glimpse into their future to see that even the very next day could be bright and new. I am desperately sad over this story and just can't shake the feeling off.

  5. Heart breaking sometimes life makes me so mad, it makes no sence at all XXX



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