Friday, 26 November 2010

Switzerland ! Dream on .......

I received an email out of the blue from an old friend who lives in Switzerland. Apart from being wonderful to hear from them after such a long time I allowed myself to get all excited at the prospect of a visit. If we could find the travel costs, they want us to take the family to stay! Visions of Christmas in Switzerland, a beautiful country, particularly in Winter and the chance for the boys to learn to ski!

Apart from last year, we don’t get much snow in Devon. The twins were amazed and thrilled by it when they saw it, but we were woefully unprepared clothes wise. Whilst having my trip to Switzerland 5 minute fantasy I decided to have a look at what snow outfits are available online that could also earn their money in the wet & sometimes cold climate of Devon.

I came across this stylish boys all in one snowsuit by Dare2B Kids available at Marshall Leisure, its practical and warm and even more wonderful, it’s on sale for only £35 a massive 42 % saving off the RRP of £60.

After number crunching and doing the sums it’s clear that although a wonderful opportunity, we really won’t be able to go to Switzerland for a visit. We just don’t have the kind of cash spare to pay for a family of 5 and everything needed to make it a reality.

Never mind, there’s always next year!

 Maybe ski lessons instead ………

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  1. oh! shame about Switzerland Karen, as you say maybe you can go next year. I'm off to take a look at the ski lessons link, might need them with all the snow coming xx

  2. That's a shame about Switzerland. Why not come to Scotland instead :) Those snow suits look awesome. Can you get them for bigger people?

  3. ooooh! Scotland ! I am ashamed to say I have NEVER been to Scotland, maybe we will. I think you can get them for bigger peeps, they are fab arn't they xx

  4. The ski centre you featured is near to me, I didn't realise it was so reasonable to go there. I think I might have to make some christmas hints, thanks for that Karen.

  5. Maybe you and Hubby could go instead and let son number 1 or the Grandparents look after the Twins ;-) Otherwise you know you are always welcome in the delightful Leicestershire!! I always buy Chick's snow stuff from TK Maxx! xx

  6. ahh bless, thanks Emma. Don't think its legal to leave the twins with a 15 yr old over christmas : ) Funny you should say about TK Maxx was looking there the other day, some lovely stuff. Never sure whether its worth investing in though because of our relatively mild climat down here xx

  7. big families are lovely, I have 4 children but it does make holidays so expensive. Least we are having a good helping of snow, eat fondu and pretend its Switzerland :)



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