Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Sign of things to come ? Hope not. Back to basics for me !

It has to be said my website clearance sale has been less than a roaring success !

After a year of "ok" sales on my website and Ebay store, I decided it would probably be a good idea to return to what I know best for the time being and just stock the designer brands that are my Top Sellers until the economy picks itself up out of the muck !   So with that in mind I listed for sale all the "other" stock I had left, some "not so perfect" designer items and some real designer bargains to grab interest. I have sold several items to wonderful Twitter pals and regular website customers but other than that the response has been poor indeed.  Is this a sign that people really are tightening their belts or did I just time it wrong and people are basically all "sale'd" out, or God forbid, is my stock Rubbish!   If you are an online business owner I'd love to know how you feel your sales versus the economy are going.

I intend to leave the clearance section on my website for the time being and  add to it from time to time while I move forward with a positive attitude, some new ideas, a plan to revamp the website and my photographic content and a whole bundle of totaly delicious Ralph Lauren for babies, boys and girls for Spring/Summer 2011.  I have survived starting my business during a recession and making a profit year on year with no debt to a bank or lender. I will not be beaten by doom and gloom merchants!

For those of you who have discovered that Ralph Lauren now has a UK website, pop over and take a look at the prices and then come back to me to buy !  I buy direct from suppliers in America, one who purchases from the high end department stores like Macy's.  I have no overheads like the high street stores and make minimum profit. Allowing me to sell stylish  clothes at great prices. You are guaranteed that all my items are authentic, first quality and new with tags attached.

So, although I am sad about the pretty pettiskirts, girly outfits etc and my little Milly By The Sea Range, its not goodbye, just au revoir .......


  1. Amanda (Henry_bears_mum)4 January 2011 at 19:34

    Awww, that's sad, Karen, so sorry to hear that! I think your stuff is fab, especially the girls stuff. I think it probably is just a sign of the tough economic times. Wish I had more pennies to buy loads of stuff from you. Lots of love Amanda (Henry_Bears_mum) xxxxxx

  2. Thank you Amanda, really appreciate you taking the time to comment. Its really not the end of the world, just sad as I love pretty girly things. It will return xxxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear that hun as I know how hard you work. I'm pretty sure that it's just a sign of the times as we currently don't have two brass buttons to rub together! Fingers crossed that things will soon pick up xx

  4. Oh I am sorry to hear this karen. I hope sales pick up. I had a very quite year with my business till christmas, so hoping it will pick up more this year. Like yourself I sell luxury, quality fragrances that a fraction of the cost of what you buy in the shops as again no overheads etc that high streets have to pay.
    Wish you all the best and success in 2011. xx

  5. Hi Karen, I am sorry to hear that your sale didn't go as well as you might of hoped it would. I didn't have a sale as such I have just added a section to my website which is called 'This Weeks Special Offers' So I can change things around from week to week.

    Like yourself I am not in debt to a banker or lender and am making a fairly reasonable profit year on year. It is tough, but like you say you have to know your market and I feel I know what my customers want. It is good however to try out new lines and ranges from time to time - nothing ventured, nothing gained. You still have your stock and I am sure that it will sell, just not as quickly as you would have liked.

    I really need to spend more time trying to build my website sales up as my ebay shop always does so much better - that's my challenge for this year, so if you have any tips then I am all ears.

    Your website is lovely and you are doing so well, yes times are hard, but with a bit of common sense and a lot of hard work I am sure you will have another successful year!


  6. Karen, I am so happy you said its just au revoir for Milly by the sea range, I think you have such genius style and I know its the tough times and not your beautiful things. Best of luck for this year hun, and you know I will be here with me twitter pom poms cheering you on XXX

  7. Awww I know exactly where you're coming from. My sale is doing ok, but again it looks as though its mainly twitter followers that are picking up on this. However, in general people just aren't spending but browsing. Fingers crossed that all of us mummy hard-workers have a good year this year! Lisa x

  8. Hi There,

    I have been following you on twitter for a while now, but this is my first comment on one of your blog posts as I felt the need to reassure you that it's definitely NOT anything to do with you or what you are offering on your site!

    My sale has been very disappointing indeed, both in my store and online. I do believe that it is purely down to the recession as other retailers on the same street as my shop are reporting up to 50% down on their turnover for the same time last year, and it's the same for me too. So I am going to increase my toy offering (as it seems to people buying mostly gifts for other children rather than their own) and have a look at some "cheaper" ranges when I visit Bubble at the end of the month.

    I feel it's important to hold my nerve and ride the storm of this recession as it will obviously lift and when it does I will still want my fab shop and site to be going strong! It is a little scary at times as I am a single parent, so if my businesses are not doing well there is no other source of income into my home BUT I will get there with hard work and patience for better times to come! V best wishes, Katie x x

  9. Thank you so much Katie for taking the time to comment and for being so honest. I think it helps all of us who run our own businesses to be reasured that we are not alone (even during bad times for all) I wish you every success with your business and I do believe that the key to survival is to keep thinking and evolving and trying to stay ahead of the game. Its hard work and very tiring but the rewards def outweight the down side in the end.
    I would love to go to bubble, might try to make it one of these days.
    I have a link on my blog for shops, I currently have a sale linky on there but will be changing it soon for companies to offer their special offers of item of the month etc. Please feel free to email me if you would like to be included : ) Every little helps xx info@allabouttheboys.co.uk

  10. Aww honey I'm so sorry to hear that your sale and indeed sales aren't going as well as your hoped. I've been spreading the word about your stuff but I think people don't have the money just now. I think your stuff is lovely, you have the best service and the online shop is just great. You just need to ride it out until things pick up and they will. They are starting to I'm sure. Hugs and hand in there. x



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