Monday, 10 January 2011

You did this to me !


I promised I would do it, so here it is.......  Helen, under NO circumstances is Big J to see this clip ! 

Apologies for my haggered appearance, its the end of a long week of half term which has seen me at hospital with No 1 son and alone with the twins for the week !

I may never recover from revealing this on film, I am doing it in the name of science and for all those out there that want the tummy back that they had as 14 yr olds !

I had several attempts at filming so bare with it when it goes onto the belt.  I couldn't see what I was filming, so had to have a second attempt and yes, I know those pants are truly shocking !  But cheap !


It's 3 weeks today since I received my Slendertone Abs belt.  It has to be said these days I have many balls to juggle so staying focused on one thing can prove difficult.  Not so with my Abs belt.  In fact, if I could stand it I would wear it in bed.... hhhmm ! now there's an idea, sure hubby would find it "interesting" they do say variety is the spice and all that ...... 

Annnyyyway !

I have worn it as per instruction 5 days out of every 7 for the last 3 weeks (recommended 6 week programme in total) I am upto 25 minutes at level 75 !  Anybody who has one of these belts or has experience of the levels involved will know this is no mean feat !   As previously described it can get quiet uncomfortable when you start moving up the levels but the very definite PLUS side is you actually SEE your tummy contract .  Its a very odd sensation and I recommend time whilst wearing the belt is probably best spent trying to distract yourself , I like twitter, works for me and time flies. Drinking the wine and eating chocolate is probably not recommended.

So is it working ? I hear you scream !  For me , YES ! There is a definite ridge below where the belt sits.  I measured my waistline (or rather where my waist should be ) 3 weeks ago and it was .......

well, lets just say there is an inch difference .  (you don't think I was really going to tell you how much I measure did you ?)  The days of being a trim 34/24/34 are long gone.  In fact they never were ! but its more of a difference in the feel and look of my tummy.  I can feel something hard sitting just below the  wobbly tummy and dare I say, I think it might actually be tummy muscles!

So yes, I am thrilled with this lazy woman's tummy cruncher and intend to see the trial through to the end.

The family has got used to my screams now and don't even come running anymore.  "Just mummy tightening her tummy"......

First Post

Twin sons. Contrary to popular belief, they were not small babies, one weighted in at 7lb, 2 oz and the other at 5lb, 6 oz. I was big when I was carrying them. The resulting tummy I now lug around with me resembles a pot belly pig and no amount of exercise (not that I stuck religiously to anything) can shift it. I still have ok legs, arms and quite a neat little bottom, if I say so myself. But my tummy and non existent waistline ...... Nooooo !

Me age 29 - I want THAT body back !

The twins have been neglected, they have missed out….. I refuse to go swimming with them. I hate how I look these days in a swimsuit. I have been told by friends they can't understand what I am talking about "I would die for your body" But I remember the body I used to have ! The washboard stomach, the skinny jeans without the muffin top. I looked great ! I want that body back, I want to look like Demi Moore on a budget !

I happened upon a tweet by a PR Person who was sending out Slendertone Abs belts for review. Being the cheeky girl I have become now that I can hide behind my laptop and tweet away to virtual strangers all day long. I jumped in and asked him to send me one. He duly obliged ! Whoop! It arrived special delivery the very next day. Now that's what I call impressive.

I have used it twice since receiving it on Saturday, its very simple to set up, you need to charge it for about 3 hours beforehand and the 3 jelly like wet/cold patches are uncomfortable when they first come into contact with your skin. But after that its all systems go. They advise you to set the level to 15 to start with, what they don’t tell you is that you have to do it to both sides ! I had my first session getting unto 49 on the left side and zero on the right !

.After only two sessions I am convinced it will work. It’s difficult to explain the feeling except to say you can really feel it pulling and rippling your stomach muscles. A sure sign it must be doing something ! It’s been compared to childbirth contractions or the feeling you get when you have a tattoo ! I have had both, and would definitely go for the tattoo option myself. I think the contractions comparison may well be if you ramp it right to the top straight away !

At risk of massive emotional trauma to myself I put on my swimsuit, purely for scientific purposes you understand. The obligatory "before" and "after" shot. So convinced am I that my new toy will work. Sadly, when I saw how I looked I couldn’t bring myself to publish it. As for my poor 15 yr old son who took the picture, he will never be the same again ! I promise though at the end of the programme (about 4 weeks) if there is a significant change to my shape I will publish!

Watch this space for regular updates ........


  1. I can so relate to that!
    My boys (now 10) weighed 6lbs 15 and 8lbs 3 when they were born at 38 weeks. Gravity defying believe me. So there is no way I can ever be like my 29 year old self. I did lose as much weight as I wanted soon after they were born but then I was left with skin like a deflated balloon, I really don't know which is worse.
    Thank your lucky stars you have a 'neat little bottom' ....that's one thing I've never had.
    Let me know how the Slendertone Abs work. And if there's a sympathetic surgeon out there let me know!!

  2. WoW! Claire, you have my massive sympathies. Those were huge Twins ! You must have been dying in the last few months. I have the "hang" tummy from both my pregnancies being C Sections but Def got off lightly I think. I make an effort to hold my tummy in as much as possible, I am sure it helps to maintain some tone . If I find the surgeon, you can def jump the queue and go first. xxx

  3. Hey Claire, your before pic at age 29 is fabulous and I'm sure you'll get it back (well maybe almost!!)
    Dont despair, my daughter has recently managed to lose 6 stones after 2 c sections etc and although she may not be as firm as she was, she can squish it all inside her size 12 skinny jeans !!! xx

  4. I used to pay for Slendertone sessions years ago....pre babies!

    After 3 very large boys, 8lb 12, 8lb 6 and a whopping 10lb I need surgery not Slendertone!!

    Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it!

    Good luck!!

  5. Forget about your abs, I woulda loved those LEGS pre or post baby!!!

  6. Hello Lesley, thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Bless your daughter, that is amazing to loose so much weight, although my weigh is 'nt really a problem for me (although I would like to be a stone lighter ) its the ridge above the scars that I am unable to shift and the "tyre" around my non existant waist. Hoping this product will help xx Karen xx

  7. Hi Andi, thanks for your comment. When you paid for the sessions, did you feel that they worked ? It is the oddest feeling but because you can actively feel your muscles contracting you certainly get the feeling that it is doing "something" xx

  8. Michelloui, hahaha! not quite as impressive as that these days. That was pre-children and I am now fast approaching the big 50 ! Arrgghhhh! I want to go back. I totally understand what my mother talks about now. I never used to "get it" when she complained about her age and body, I do now xx karen xx

  9. I didn't have twins but have had big babies (9lb 2, 2 at 9lb 11 and 10lb 2) - my stomach went flatish after numbers 1 and 2 - bikini flat - but I totally understand your swimming aversion..since 3 and 4 I just can't. I hate my stomach - have no problem with rest of body - it ain't perfect but compared to the car crash that was once my stomach its fine!!
    So will watch with interest..look forward to the results x

  10. Wow Karen look at you! Gorgeous! Good luck with the slendertone, I'm sure you're going to be rocking the bikini soon enough and with legs like that I can't imagine anyone complaining!

    You've had 3 babies and you're gorgeous! Puts me to shame! We can do this lovely lady!


  11. I can't wait to see how you get on - especially as you are loving it so much already! Next stop - abs of steel! x

  12. You are gorgeous truly you are. Good luck with the slendertone. You ccan do it. x

  13. great video - as a slendertone user I feel your pain!

  14. Oh Wow is it really that painful - you sounded as if you were in labour - still no pain no gain I suppose!

    Btw you look absolutely fabulous darling, you really do, spotty pants an all x

  15. Qwerty mum oooooh! I know you do. How do they get up above 80 ???? xx

  16. Carole, lol, not quite as bad as labour. and bless you darling for saying I look fab ! I so don't ! I looked at that and saw my mother ! hahaha xx

  17. You look great but that really did sound like you were having contractions. Sounds like it is working that is great news. May have to check it out. x

  18. Susan, I assure you its not as bad as contractions. Bless, I look horrific and am already regretting posting it for all to see. My tummy, those pants ! what was I thinking ?? xxx

  19. I can't believe how much you can see it pulsing away! And great video too! You are very brave but you look fab and it is great to actually see it in action. You make a fabulous guinea pig! xxxx

  20. Mostly, now come one. I soooooooo do not look great and those pants ! OMG ! What was I thinking ! hahahaha! Still I am so impressed with the belt it had to be done and I put it down to lack of sleep over No1 son making me delirious.

  21. LOL LOl lol LOL!!!!! I have those pants too I swear!!!! how funny...(think big J would likey too ;D)
    Belt looks like an essential pre-summer beach buy ....runs off to get one ;) XXX

  22. Helen I am warning you I am trained to kill ! If you show Big J I will hunt you down and kill you with my little finger !!!



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