Sunday, 30 January 2011

and we will be wearing ......

Saturday we have been invited to London to an  expenses paid event being held by Dairylea which much to my husbands amusement involves the dreaded C word.  Those who know me, will understand the humour. "COOKING" is not something I enjoy. Anyway I intend to put on my best "ooh, yes I can do this " face and join in the fun. 

As it involves a trip to London on a train with the twins, we will of course be dressed in our Sunday Best.   I was brought up in the  "we might not have much but we always polish our shoes " generation.  Also having been in the army being made to starch shirts within an inch of their life and polish shoes so that I could actually see my face in the toe cap, might have something to do with it. 

These days we don't have the luxury of splashing out on extravagant new outfits, infact I rarely buy anything that is not either second hand or on sale.  I actually enjoy finding great branded clothes at the lowest possible price.  People often comment on how the twins or I am dressed and I am sure they don't believe the paultry amount of money we actually live on.  So I thought it might be fun to show you what we will be wearing, where I bought it from and how much it cost.

Milo's outfit :   

Second hand Armani jeans from Ebay £6.36
Replay and Son's Jumper from T K Maxx £14.99 - RRP £68.00
French Connection Tee shirt £6.99 from T K Maxx - RRP £16.00
Converse boots £15.00 Ebay 

  Jarvis' Outfit

Navy blue Armani jeans passed down from big brother
Blue & white stripe Ralph Lauren top purchased from my supplier - much less than the UK RRP of £39
White Murphy & Nye hooded top £14.99 from T K Maxx - RRP £78
Italian brown leather shoes £14.99 from T K Maxx RRP £56

      My Outfit

Skinny Jeans £12.00 M & S (actual price ) - unbeatable !
Blue and white stripe top Musto £13.00 RRP £45
Navy blue Musto quilted jacket £35 RRP £90


  1. You will all look fabulous! Hope you have a fab time x

  2. Wow you lot do scrub up well! You are a braver woman than I though there is so much while in your boys outfits...I'd be scared, very scared!!!

    Hope you have a fantastic time, you so deserve it!! xxx

  3. Sorry Karen I meant to say 'so much white' x

  4. Ahh, Thanks ladies. We are so excited about the trip, its the first time the twins have been on a train and to London too : )
    Carole, I have always dressed my children in lots of white. Its a beautiful colour and you can wash it at high tempratures to get it clean or indeed bleach xx

  5. You and the boys always look lovely Karen! I'm very jealous....wish we were coming too but I hope that you have a fabulous time xx

  6. Now I am worrying what to wear! At least I will be able to recognise you easily now! lol

    Mich x

  7. You are all going to look gorgeous! And I can't believe what a fab bargain hunter you are - some amazing savings there!
    It sounds like it's going to be a great day too - have fun! x

  8. Emma - Thank you sweetie, I think we only got to go because I moaned all the time on the tots board about never being invited anywhere : ) xxx

    Mich - I am sure you and yours will look totally gorgeous, you won't need to worry about recognising us I assure you. You will hear us coming ...

    Mostly - hahaha! Now don't go feeling obliged to comment on my posts now will you xxx Thank you sweetie xxx

  9. Well, I'd never have guessed. My first impression when I met you was that you were very classically nicely dressed. You must be a very savvy shopper. I rarely have success in the sales and unfortunately am a bit of an impatient shopper. I hope you have a lovely time x

  10. There are bargains to be had in sales, outlet malls etc. Sometimes it can take up a lot of time, hunting around for the right thing to wear. I certainly don't have much money to spend on clothing either.

  11. Lisa, thank you for your kind comments. All the clothes I had on at the lunch were 2nd hand or sale items : ) and all Ralph Lauren except for the coat which I bought in the Boden Sale about 5 years ago. xx

  12. Hi Ambivalence, many thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree it can be very time consuming but I enjoy the "hunt" xx



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